Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sorry We Haven't Posted

Hello, Nikki here (and I speak on behalf of all my dolls as well;)). I'm very sorry I haven't posted since last month. I've just been very busy , and I've had a lot to think about (we've moved house, and I thought had to change drama groups, although now there's a chance I might not). There's still a lot a have to help with around the house and do, and some important things that are on my mind, so I probably won't post for a while still, but I will be back once everything irons out for me again.:) I posted this because I thought I should let you know I haven't stopped blogging, and I just took a sort of accidental break, which is probably going to finish up soon.;)  Sorry again for leaving this blog so long, and see you later!:) (I would add a nice picture or something just to make the post nicer, but I'm on my brother's computer, so I can't get my photos.:P;))