Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hi From Elyssa! :)

Hello! I'm Elyssa, and I just came to live with Nikki on Saturday. :) I love my new friends, and Lindsay even likes acting, like me! :) We're sorry we didn't put this story on sooner, but Nikki was sick. She says I was great company when she had to just lie in bed. She also told me to say that messaging her friend Marcia on a forum helped a lot, too. ;)
Anyway, here's the story!

Lindsay was walking up and down in front of the mirror, turning and twisting and playing with her hair as she tried to see if she looked okay for my arrival.
"Kirsten?" she asked, seeing her friend's reflection.
"Does this look alright?"
"Yes, of course it does! And I love your hair!"
"Okay, good. Thank you Kirsten!"
"You're welcome!"

 "What are you talking about?" asked Kit. Lindsay and Kirsten jumped. They hadn't heard her coming!
"Oh, it's you!" Kirsten laughed.
"We're talking about Elyssa," said Lindsay.
"Elyssa, the girl who's coming to live here today! Didn't you know?" Lindsay shook her head at Kit.
"A new girl's coming today, and you didn't tell me?"
"We thought you'd know," said Kirsten.

Just then the doorbell rang.
"That's probably her now!" said Lindsay, and the three girls ran towards the door.

Kirsten stooped at her bed.
"Oh, no!" she said. "My bed's not made!" She bent over it and started trying to straighten the blanket.

Lindsay opened the door, and a I stepped in.
"You must be Elyssa!" said Kit.
"Yes," I answered. "And you?"
"I'm Lindsay, and this is Kit."
"Okay. Pleased to meet you," I smiled.
"Can I call the others?" Kit asked me.
"HEY, EVERYONE! ELYSSA'S HERE!" she yelled, louder than I've ever heard anyone yell before.

Suddenly all I knew was that what sounded like a thousand stampeding buffalo were charging me, and I was surrounded by other girls! They all starting shouting hellos and asking me questions, and poor Kirsten couldn't even see me!
"Sorry!" said Julie as she ran past her.

As a last resort, Kirsten started jumping up and down behind Anna.

Finaaly I made my way through all of them and met her!
"Hi, Elyssa," she said. "I'm Kirsten."
"Hi. You seem to be the quietest!" I laughed. "How old are you?"
"Thirteen. How about you?"
"Cool! I'll show you around."

"This is my bed," she said.
"It's nice."
"Thank you."
"Where do I sleep?"
"In another part of the house, with me," said Lindsay.
Just then, something hit me and almost knocked me over.

It was Nicki's dog, Sprocket! I screamed with surprise, just as Nicki came running up.
"Down, Sprocket, down!" she shouted sternly. "Get off Elyssa!"
Sprocket got down and whined.
"It's okay, Sprocket," said Nicki, patting his head. "You just mustn't jump up on people, especially new friends."
"Hi," I said.
"Hello," said Nicki. "Sorry about Sprocket."
"That's okay. He's cute! I love dog, but he just frightened me."

"I understand," Nicki grinned. "So, what kind of things do you like to do?"
"Well, lots," I answered, "but my favorite thing to do is act. I could act all day!"
"Really?" asked Lindsay. "I love acting too! I might even be in a movie soon!"
"Oh, that's great! I'm just in a local group for now, so I've only done plays."
"Still," said Lindsay, "that's really cool! And we get to stay together too!"

Julie came running up to us.
"You're an actress?" she said. "Have you been in any movies?"
"No, I was just saying, only plays."
"Oh, okay. I hope you're in movies one day. I love movies!"
"Lindsay smiled.
"Shall we carry on the tour?" she asked.
"Sure!" I laughed, and I followed them away from the bed.

"This is where most of us stay," said Lindsay. "There's the chair, a table, our closet, and the beds."
"Which one's ours?"
"The third bunk."
"Wow! That's pretty high!"
"Are you scared of heights?"
"No, I think it's cool!"
"Good. So do I. Just don't turn over!" We laughed.

"That is my bed," said Anna, pointing.
"It's pretty!" I replied. I really love her bed!
"She and Kirsten are the only ones who don't have to share!" said Molly. "Anna's older and taller, and Kirsten's bed is smallest!"
I took in everything they said with interest, then they led me somewhere else again, and Samantha came up to me.

"This is my doll, Annie," she said.
"Oh, she's lovely!"
"I love her very much."
"Is she American Girl?"
"Did you make her dress?"
"Yes, I did. Do you like it?"
"I love it!"
"If you've got a doll I can make one for you, if you'd like."
"Thank you very much, but I don't have one now. I might get one for Christmas or something though!"
"Okay. I hope you do!"
Cait came up to us.

"This is the mirror where Lindsay spends half her day," she laughed.
"She needs to make sure she looks goo for her performances, Cait!" said Samantha.
"Alright, alright. I was just kidding."

"Have you met my puppy, Benny?" asked Molly.
"No, I haven't," I said, scratching his ears. "He's sweet!"
"Thank you. He likes you!" Molly laughed as the little puppy licked my hand.

"What's your middle name?" asked Nicki.
I blushed a little. I always get embarrassed when people ask me that.
"Well," I said, I kinda have two."
Nicki laughed, but I didn't know why, because she sounded relieved.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry if you thought I was laughing at you!" she said. "You see, I have two as well! I'm Nicki Valerie Jenna!"
"Really?" I laughed, happy to find someone else with an extra name. "I'm Elyssa Natalie Patricia!"
"Oh, that;s a lovely name!" said Nicki.
"Thank you," I said, blushing even more.
Nicki smiled.
"You want me to introduce you to everyone?"
"Yeah, that'd be cool," I said happily, and, person by person, I was introduced to the entire herd of buffalo (lol! :)).
I think I'm going to be very happy here. I miss my sister, who's away at boarding school, but I love being here, and I'm getting along really well with everyone! :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Brady Bunch Girls!

Hello! I'm Kit! :) Today, Nicki did her hair, and we realized that she looked kinda like Marcia from The Brady Bunch. Julie decided she looked like Jan, and then they made me put my hair in pigtails and be Cindy, so Lindsay could take a photograph! :) Look at these pictures!

Here's us all together! We had so much fun!

Here's Nicki alone. Doesn't she look cute in pigtails? :)

Here's me! :) By the way, the reason Julie doesn't have a close-up is that she thought it looked funny, and she didn't want us to put it on, lol! :) I think it looks pretty, but I'm sorry, she says no.
Kit. :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Our Story - Nicki and Julie

Hi, I'm Nicki, and I decided to tell you me and Julie's story tonight! :)

You see, we've been together since we were eight, and so we're the best of friends! Years ago, on Christmas day, in Florida, we came to live with a girl. She loved us very much, and we loved her, too, but then, one day, she told us we would have to live with someone else, and probably not even be together anymore. We were very sad, and we didn't want to separate as well as leave our owner! :( Then the day came soon afterwards, that I had to leave. I didn't know what to say to Julie, and I don't think she really knew what to say to me, but we said goodbye, and promised to write, but we thought we'd never see each other again. That was this August. I went to my new house, and met the girl I would live with from now. She was nice, and there were lots of other dolls who were really kind to me, but all I could think about was my old owner, and especially Julie. I tried to write, but somehow I just didn't know what I could say. But, just a few days after I arrived, I heard the happiest thing I've ever heard in my entire life! My new owner, Nicki, told me and my new friends that Julie was going to be coming to stay with us too! I was so happy I wanted to scream, but I didn't, because I thought it would annoy Anna and some of my other friends. Nikki hadn't known that we were friends, and she was overjoyed to find out she was reuniting us by asking Julie to live with her too! :) Julie was here in a few days, and the first thing we did was give each other a bug bear hug! :)  Nikki took a picture, I think, but she accidentally deleted it the next day, and made us pose for another one, lol! :) But we didn't need to pose! We were still catching up on lost hugs!

 Here we are! One of the best moments in our lives! :) We've settled down with Nikki now, and we have so much fun with the other dolls! :)
I hope you never have to leave your friends, and I'm glad Julie and I are back together! :)

Friday, 15 November 2013

First Stopmotion

Hello! This is Nicki (the doll :)), and I want to show you the stopmotion Nikki made of me! It's her very first try at one (not including a similar thing that didn't work with Molly earlier that day), so it's pretty jerky, and when we put it together, the song we chose was too long, so the beginning and ending pictures are drawn out, lol! If you don't like the music, you can stop it as soon as I'm not on the screen. :) Just to let you know, the video is perfectly safe, and there's nothing bad in the song (it's instrumental anyway, lol :)). We hope you enjoy it!

- Nicki and Nikki ( ;) )

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Kirsten and Molly's Sleepover

Hello! I'm Nikki (the dolls' owner, not the doll :)). Last night, Kirsten invited Molly to come round for a sleepover, and I took some pictures! :) He's the story:

Kirsten was anxiously pacing up and down at the door, waiting for molly to arrive.
"Where is she?" she said to herself. "She said she's be here less twenty minutes from now!"
A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and Kirsten ran to open it.

"Molly!" she cried. "You're only fifteen minutes early! What happened?"
"Hello!" Molly smiled. "I'm sorry. It's freezing cold out there, and it rained all morning, so it's very muddy."
"That's okay! Come on in and take off your sweater."

"Thanks," said Molly, as Kirsten closed the door.
"I like your outfit," said Kirsten.
"Thanks. Yours is pretty too."
"Thank you!" Kirsten said, blushing a little. "Give me your sweater to hang up." Molly handed her the sweater.

"What've you been doing today?" asked Molly.
"Oh, not much. How about you?"
"Same," Molly smiled. "What should we do?"

"You wanna go outside?"
"But it's dark!"
"It's fun to go out in the dark sometimes!" Kirsten laughed.

"Open the curtain," said Molly. "It's also freezing out there, and if you take a look you won't wanna go out anymore!"
Kirsten pulled back the curtain and they looked outside.

It was a cold, dark night.
"You're right!" said Kirsten. "It does look cold! Alright. How about we play some games?"
"Like what?"

"Come on, I'll show you. I'm sure I've got something in this drawer!"
"Okay. What's in there?"
"Just some junk and things... Ah! Here it is!"

"These cards and pick-up-sticks!"
"I love pick-up-sticks!"
"Great! I do too!"
"Can we pay snap with the cards?"
"Sure! Which first?"

They went to the table and sat down, and Kirsten opened the cards.
"You wanna deal?" she asked.
"You can. I'm too slow.

"Alright." Kirsten divided the cards evenly between them. "You start," she said.

Molly picked the top card off her pile.

"Ooohh! Nine!" said Kirsten.

She put down her card. It was also a nine!

"Snap!" they both yelled as fast as they could. They laughed.
"I think you won that, Molly," said Kirsten.
"Okay, thanks!" Molly took the two cards, and they each put down another one.

Soon they were tired of playing snap.
"Should we play pick-up-sticks?" asked Kirsten.
They packed away the cards, and Kirsten took to rubber band off the pick-up-sticks.

She let them fall into a pile on the table.
"You go first," she smiled.

Molly took a stick from the pile, careful not to move any of the others. Her second one knocked the pile, though, so it was Kirsten's turn.

She took quite a few before moving any others.

When Molly picked up the last one a while later, they counted their sticks.
"I have nineteen," said Kirsten.
"I have fifteen. You win!"
"Fair enough, since I won most of the snap games," Molly laughed. "What should we do now?"
"Well, we could - oh, no! It's getting late!" Kirsten said, looking at the clock. "We'd better get ready for bed or my mom'll come and make us!"
Molly sighed.
"Alright," she said.

"My bed's big," said Kirsten, "so we can both fit in it."
"We'd better get changed."

"Alright," said Molly. "Wait a minute! Oh, no! I forgot my nightgown!"
"You did?"
"Yes! I left my bag back at my place!"
"Okay. Don't worry. You can borrow one of mine!"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course! I'll just go get one."
"Oh, thanks!" Molly, sighed, relieved.
Kirsten ran to her closet.

She came back in a minute with a pretty nightgown over her arm.
"Is this okay?" she asked. "It's a little summery, but I've been wearing my warmer one."
"That's fine! I just don't wanna sleep in my clothes!" The girls laughed.
"Here, then." Kirsten handed Molly the nightgown.

They started taking off their day-clothes, and Molly got a little tangled up.
"Molly," Kirsten giggled, "you look funny!"
"I... can't... get... this dress... off!" Molly mumbled from under the dress.
"I'll help!" said Kirsten, pulling the dress over Molly's head.
"Thanks!" The girls took off the rest of their things and put n their nightgowns. "Can you button the back for me, Kirsten?" asked Molly.

"Sure, if you can do mine!"
"Of course I will!"
"Good then," said Kirsten, doing the button on Molly's nightgown.

When she was done, they turned around and Molly did hers.

"Thanks," said Kirsten, pulling the blanket aside. "Do you want my ragdoll, Rebecca?"
"We can share!"
"Okay. I'll leave her in the middle then, so she can be between us... Which side of the bed so you want?"
"I don't mind."
"Well, I'll take the wall-side, so if you need to get up you won't have to wake me up first."

Kirsten climbed into bed.
"You get up now," she said, wriggling to the far side.

Molly came up after her, and they pulled the blanket up.

"Molly?" said Kirsten.

Molly yawned.
"Goodnight, Kirsten," she smiled.

They lay back, and, after their long day, fell straight asleep, and didn't even stir when Mrs. Larson came in and turned out the light.

And then the room was dark...

BEHIND THE SCENES NOTES: If I ever thought that making a photostory was easy, I don't now! For the picture where Molly remembers her nightgown, I had to climb under my bed! Then, Molly fell into Kirsten, so I had to get out and pose them again, and then I didn't like how she looked, so I tried to pose her from under the bed, and she fell again! I went under the bed for the 3rd time, and, bumping my head and then lying flat (chin included) on the floor, realized I couldn't take the picture at a good angle from under the bed, because it was too low, but out of the bed was too close! That's why it's such a funny angle. Also, the truth is, she was meant to have a nightgown, but I forgot her backpack in the first photos, and my camera was running low, using the last batteries in the house, so I couldn't take unnecessary pictures. Instead, I decided to have her forget it and borrow one of Kirsten's, lol! :)