Get to Know Us! :)

This is out profile page! :) Here, you can hear more about us, and find out what we like to do, and what not to do if you don't want to annoy us (lol)! We'll go from oldest-to-youngest, so we'll start with Anna. :)



Full name: Anna Lisbeth Peters.

Age: 16.

Birthday: April 11th.

Nickname: Doesn't have one.

Favorite things to do: Singing, dancing, writing songs, playing the piano, listening to music, laughing, making people happy, ice-skating, horse-riding, and sewing.

Least favorite things: Having a cold, out-of-tune music or singing, being sad, bland food, when someone's depressed, mud, and the sound of screaming.

Born in: Sweden.

Wished occupation: Singer.



Full name: Sarah Elisabeth Carpenter.

Age: 16.

Birthday: February 1st.

Nickname: None, except for occasional jokes about her resemblance to Elisabeth Sladen.

Favorite things to do: Ballet and other dance, singing, acting, writing (including poetry, scripts, and songs), air-rifle-shooting, archery, piano-playing, sewing, reading, sailing, rowing, swimming, and camping.

Least favorite things: Getting a twisted ankle, being coughed on, being pushed or pulled, cranky directors, when people have no sense of humor, out-of-tune music, being in a boat when it turns over, getting rained on, and being told to be 'ladylike'. 

Born in: Liverpool, England.

Wished occupation: Actress.



Full name: Caitlyn Mary Kittredge.

Age: 15.

Birthday: July 21st.

Nickname: Cait, Caitie, or Cat. (Well, she has been called 'Bait', lol!)

Favorite things to do: Roller-skating, skateboarding, playing basketball, camping and hiking, going to the beach, and eating cake.

Least favorite things: Cold days, when someone's shy, vegetables, pink, frilly things, and make-up.

Born in: South Africa.

Wished occupation: Athlete.


Full name: Melody Sympathy Larson.

Age: 14.

Birthday: December 30th.

Nickname: Melly.

Favorite things to do: Writing, reading, playing badminton, talking, wearing girly clothes, and being clean.

Least favorite things: Tomboys, flying, dirt, complete silence, people who think they're clever (whether they are or not), and presents without wrapping.

Born in: New York City.

Wished occupation: Writer.


Full name: Samantha Penelope Parkington.

Age: 14.

Birthday: May 26th.

Nickname: Sam or Sammy.

Favorite things to do: Being motherly, looking pretty, sewing, knitting, doing crafts, writing poems, taking walks, drawing, reading, and dancing.

Least favorite things: Rude people, lies, people who don't care if they don't know anything, bad jokes, hyper people, and lumpy gravy.

Born in: Ohio.

Wished occupation: teacher.



Full name: Nellie Melanie O'Malley.

Age: 14.

Birthday: June 29th.

Nickname: Nel (only sometimes, though).

Favorite things to do: Diving, cycling, listening, reading, being warm, cooking, and thinking.

Least favorite things: Being teased or scolded, lemons, falling, being interrupted when she's thinking or reading, and loud people.

Born in: Ohio.

Wished occupation: Chef.



Full name: Elyssa Natalie Patricia Cartwright.

Age: 14.

Birthday: July 3rd.

Nickname: Peppermint Pattie, or sometimes Lyssie.

 Favorite things to do: Acting, dancing, gymnastics, hiking, boating, diving, eating cake, singing, and writing songs.

Least favorite things: Twisted ankles, running out of air underwater, bullies, tripping on stage, being blamed for something someone else has done, falling out of trees, and growling dogs.

Born in: Arizona.

Wished occupation: Actress.


Full name: Lindsay Elizabeth Sommers.

Age: 14.

Birthday: August 21st.

Nickname: Linny or Lindy, and sometime people call her 'the bionic girl' (we think she looks like Lindsay Wagner :)).

Favorite things to do: Acting, singing, climbing, writing stories, cooking, running, horse-riding, painting with watercolor pencils, and swimming.

Least favorite things: Bad art, corny jokes, roads with holes in them, burning food, forgetting lines, not being allowed to ad-lib a little, and smiling at a joke or mistake in a serious moment of a play.

Born in: California.

Wished occupation: Actress.



Full name: Nicole Valerie Jenna Fleming. 

Age: 14.

Birthday: September 2nd.

Nickname: Nicki, or Niks, but her dad likes to caller her Snicker.

Favorite things to do: Horse-riding, skiing, sketching, volunteering at the animal shelter, cooking, helping people, playing with her dog, imagining things, and being creative.

Least favorite things: Mean people, not being able to give her opinion, spelling tests, being blamed for things she didn't do, making mistakes in drawings and math, and being thrown by a horse.

Born in: Colorado.

Wished occupation:  Skier, artist, or rodeo-rider.


Full name: Julie Jade Albright.

Age: 14.

Birthday: September 3rd.

Nickname: Jules or Jewel.

Favorite things to do: Playing basketball, being groovy, roller-skating, cycling, shopping, dancing, listening to music, watching TV, sailing, climbing, and script-writing.

Least favorite things: Not being allowed to do things, getting test-answers wrong, fighting, arguing, things going wrong on trips, and looking silly.

Born in: San Francisco.

Wished occupation: Dancer.


Full name: Margaret Mildred Kittredge.

Age: 13.

Birthday: May 19th.

Nickname: Kit.

Favorite things to do: Taking pictures, camping, collecting photographs, playing baseball, swimming, making cakes, and writing.

Least favorite things: Pictures not working out, rain, things going wrong unexpectedly, wearing hand-me-downs, being embarrassed, school, cakes flopping, and making typeos.

Born in: Ohio.

Wished occupation: Reporter.



Full name: Kirsten Heidi Larson.

Age: 13.

Birthday: June 8th.

Nickname: Kirsty.

Favorite things to do: Horse-riding, camping, fishing, baking, singing, writing, reading, making people smile, and being cozy.

Least favorite things: Seeing someone sad, being scared, being cold, burning food, losing things, moving house, missing people, and trying to remember English.

Born in: Sweden.

Wanted occupation: Singer.


Full name: Molly Hope McIntire.

Age: 12.

Birthday: April 22nd.

Nickname: Mol, Mole, or Mols, and her dad calls her Olly-Molly.

Favorite things to do: Hiking, Camping, Sailing, Climbing, Playing Computer Games, Dancing, and playing baseball.

Least favorite things: Turnips, swimming underwater, losing games, being laughed at, and crying in front of people.

Born in: Ohio.

Wished occupation: First woman in Major-League baseball.


Full name: Cynthia Nancy Walker

Age: 9.

Birthday: April 27th.

Nickname: Cindy (sometimes people tease her and call her 'Princess Leia', but she doesn't like it).

Favorite things to do: Playing dolls, ballet, swimming, camping, tree-climbing, reading, and picking flowers.

Least favorite things: Not being able to go outside, getting her hair in her face, being called 'Princess Leia', forgetting dances, and pencils breaking.

Born in: Virginia.

Wished occupation: Ballerina.


  1. Oh my! You are all so cute! And this is coming from a girl 2 to 6 years younger than most of you...LOLOL!

  2. Hey Nikki!
    What kind of dolls are Sarah and Anna? :)
    Really cute blog btw!! :D

    1. Hi!:)
      They're My Twinn, but not the newer ones.:) Anna is one of the dolls they sell as 'Vintage Collector', with 'out-of-production' parts (so her head is from 1997 and is better quality;)), and Sarah is an old doll I got on Ebay.;)
      Thanks very much!:D

  3. Your dolls are so cute! I was wondering if you could put a "follow by email" button on the sidebar of your blog. Thanks! :)


    1. Thank you very much!:) Yes, I'll put a "follow by email" button up. Thanks!:)

  4. What country are you in? I just noticed that the dates on your website say 15 October 2015 instead of October 15 2015.

    1. I live in England - I think because my blog is set on GMT time, it automatically has the dates written the British way.:)
      Thanks for the comment!:)

  5. Do you remember when your doll Cindy and my doll Molly were friends?

    1. Yes, I do remember!

      Cindy: Hi Molly! Do you still like to dance?