Saturday, 14 June 2014

Kirsten's Birthday

.Hello! It is Kirsten.:) We are sorry that we have not posted for so long again.
It was my birthday on Sunday, and we had a prairie picnic!:) Not many people could come, but Julie and Nicki did, and it was very fun, anyway! Julie made a cake, and we all dressed up in pioneer clothes, and sat outside in the field.

"Happy birthday, Kirsten!" said Nicki.
"Yes," said Julie. "Happy birthday!"

"Thank you! And thank you for the cake, too, Julie!"

"You're welcome. I'm glad you invited us to come over."
"Yes!" said Nicki.
"Well I am glad to have you here," I smiled.

"Shall we play a game before we have the cake?" asked Nicki.
"Good idea!" I answered. "What shall we play?"
"How about Tag?" asked Julie.
"Tag's fun!" said Nicki.
"Yes, I like it. Let's play."

 We all got up, and Nicki said, "Alright. Who's 'It'?"
"Kirsten, because it's her birthday."
"Oh, of course! You can be 'It', Kirsten."
"Thank you."
"Are we ready?" asked Nicki.
"Yes!" Julie and I said together.
"Okay... Let's go!" Nicki shouted, and she whirled around and started running.

Julie ran squealing in the other direction, and I ran after Nicki, who was laughing and shouting, "Come on, Sprocket! She's right behind us!"

"Tag!" I shouted, touching her arm.

She squeaked, and then turned around to run after Julie and me. I squealed and then shouted, "Run, Julie!" We ran away, laughing and squeaking, but Nicki tagged Julie in the end.
We played for ages, and then we finally stopped and sat down again.

"That was so funny!" said Nicki, laughing.
"Yes!" Julie panted. "You're fast!"
Sprocket was looking at us with his tongue hanging out, and he looked so happy, it was just like he was smiling!
"Shall we cut the cake now?" asked Nicki.
"Alright!" I said.
"But we have to sing happy birthday first!" said Julie.
We all laughed, and she and Nicki sang the birthday song to me.

When they were done, she cut three slices for us, and we laughed and talked while we ate them.

"It is a very great cake, Julie!" I said.
"Yes. You did really well."
"Thanks, guys!"
"It's a pleasure," I said, and Nicki smiled.
"Do you want to see your present now, Kirsten?" asked Julie.
"Okay! What is it?"
"It's a secret," said Nicki. "Just wait and see!"

"I'll go get it," said Julie, getting up, and she started walking back to the house.

"What did you get me?" I asked curiously.
"Just wait. You'll find out in a minute. Everyone helped."
That made it sound like something really special, but I couldn't think what it could be. Just when I was starting to slip into thought about it, Nicki spoke again.
"I made this for you," she said, holding up a beautiful daisy chain. "You can wear it if you'd like."
"Oh, thank you!" I said. "It is so lovely!" She leaned over and put it on my head.

"You look beautiful!" she said. "It looks just like a crown!"
"Thank you!"

"You're welcome. You really do look lovely!"

Just as she finished speaking, we heard footsteps, and she turned towards the house.
"Oh, Julie's coming back!" she said excitedly. "Close your eyes!"
I closed them, desperately wondering what Julie was bringing back, and I heard her walking up to me, and Sprocket gave a little bark. Then, suddenly, I felt something warm and soft in my arms, and it was moving!

When I opened my eyes, there was a beautiful little puppy in my arms!
"Oh, Julie! Nicki!" I breathed. "She's beautiful!"
Julie and Nicki were both looking at me, smiling more widely than I've ever seen them smile.

"Thank you!" I said.

"Thank you so much!"
"You're welcome," said Nicki.
"We all love you," said Julie. "Very much!"
"Thank you," I whispered, almost crying.
"What are you going to call her?" asked Nicki.

"Oh, she's so beautiful!" I said. "I... I think, I'm going to call her Beauty."


  1. What pretty pictures! :) I love Kirsten's dress.

    1. Thank you!:) I like it too!:) A friend of mine's mom made it.

  2. HAPPY (whoops, really late) BIRTHDAY KIRSTEN!! :)

  3. And I can't mention how much your dolls are so beautiful. They look just like prairie girls. Playing tag! So pretty and looked like they had a lot of fun :) I love their dresses.

    1. Thank you! I think this is one of my favorite photostories, because the pictures turned out very well with the sunlight.:)