Thursday, 20 August 2015

Raindrops On Roses

Hi everyone! It's Elyssa here. Before I post anything else, Nikki wants me to let you know that we're all really sorry we haven't been around for so long again - she got ill over a month ago, and has only been properly recovering now. (The doctors don't even know what it was, but they said it might have been glandular fever/mononucleosis. Whatever it was left her very tired and weak for ages, and just this last week she's been able to start doing things semi-normally again.:()
Also, Nellie's surgery will be scheduled in the near future. She's taking it all very well, under the circumstances, and Samantha has eased a little - although she does still seem upset at times. I think she's realized it isn't her fault, but it still upsets her to think about it. For Nellie's operation, they're waiting for the next available emergency slot, which will probably be sometime in the next two weeks. We're all praying for her!

For now, this is what this post is mostly about:
It's been raining a lot lately, and today I got bored, and decided to dress up for fun!:) I looked outside, and it wasn't raining, so Nikki decided I could go out for a photoshoot!:) There are probably too many photos, but it was fun.:)

This isn't where we actually started the pictures - we were in the front garden first, but one of the neighbors came out and we didn't want to be in their way, so we moved.:) (The one picture we got before the neighbor came out wasn't very good.)

I borrowed this white dress from Cindy (I'm not sure how we both fit it, but we do), and decided to make my outfit all white, for fun. Nikki said I looked like a little spring nymph with flowers in my hair, even though it's fall!:)

I'm not really looking at the camera in this one. I don't know why, lol!

This close-up's a little too close, I think.;)

This is back in the front garden. Around when Nikki took this picture, it started raining ever-so-gently - it was almost a little mist coming down on us.:) It had been raining earlier too, and all the flowers and leaves had little raindrops all over them! That's why I called this "Raindrops On Roses". I know there weren't actually any roses (they're in the back yard), but there were flowers.;)

I like the tilt on this one, for some reason. I think Nikki did it on purpose (she got a tiny bit carried away with the camera).;)

You can almost see the little tiny raindrops in my hair in this one.;) (In fact, I think if you enlarge it you might!)

New pose.:)

This one's a bit dark - I don't know why.:P Also, it showed the rain on my face too well (it was raining a lot harder by then), so it looks like I was crying!:P

I was going to leave this one out because of how hunchbacked I look, but I decided to keep it in because it's pretty funny!;)

This one's kind of dark, but I think it works (although it still looks like I'm crying a bit:P).

This one's nice, but it looks like I'm crying even though the lighting is fine!:P (It was raining quite a lot by then.:P)

My hair is looking decidedly wet by this picture.:P;) 

After this picture I slipped on the wet ground and fell face-first onto the path! After that we decided to go in (the rain was getting worse as well). My hair is wetter in the next pictures, because it picked up some water from the ground before I could get up.:P (I also got a tiny stain on the back on Cindy's dress...:/ Hopefully it'll scrub out though.;))

 My hair got really soggy after falling down.:P I think it goes a lot straighter when it's wet, too. (Nikki says she's the opposite - her hair's normally wavy/slightly curly, but when she gets even a little wet, it goes into a thousand tiny ringlets!;))

When we got inside, I flopped down onto the couch to rest, and Nikki decided I looked elegant, and took some more photos! (I think I look as tired as I was though.:P)

 Nikki says in this picture (and some of the others, but not as much), I look like a friend of hers.;)

Thank you for reading this, and I'm sorry if there were too many pictures. (I hope you liked them though.:)) I hope you're having a great day.:)
Do you like to dress up sometimes?:)


  1. I loved this photoshoot, Nikki and Elyssa! Elyssa, you looked so pretty in Cindy's dress. And it was fun to hear about your adventure in the rain. ;)

  2. Wow, that's terrible that you've been sick for so long. I'm glad you are recovered/ing now. :) Elyssa looks really cute in that dress. And I like the hairstyle you did in her hair. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you very much! :) (And Elyssa says thank you too! ;) ) For the hairstyle, I clipped two sections of her hair at the front back slightly (arranging the curls was hard, because they kept wanting to turn in weird ways or curls around her chin :P ), and then I tied the little flower-ribbon thing around her head over the clips. :)

  3. that dress is so cute!!!! Is it a wedding dress?

    1. Thanks! :) I'm not sure what it's meant to be - it might be a wedding or christening dress, but I don't know. I got it for my 10th birthday with Kirsten (my first American Girl doll), and I think it was bought on Ebay as a party dress. (I'm pretty sure it was a Springfield dress - it barely fits my dolls; I can only get it on Cindy and Elyssa, and possibly Nicki and Nellie, because they're thinner than my other dolls, but even for them it's a struggle.) :)