Monday, 10 February 2014

Anna and Sarah Out in the Wet

Hello! I'm Sarah, and I'm pretty new here. We all have so much fun, though, I feel like I've been here for years!

Today, I decided to go outside and have some fun, even though it's still quite cold, and it's rained almost every day for months, and everything's soggy and muddy. I borrowed Anna's scarf and mittens, though.

 I walked down the path, wondering what to do. Everything was so, quiet, I guessed I was the only one silly enough to go out on a day like this. Then I saw a nice, big tree!

I went over and examined it. It looks climbable, I thought. There were no branches most of the way up, but I can get up without those!:)

I looked around for people, because if someone saw me, they would probably tell me that a 16-year-old girl should be more ladylike, and I don't really see the point in that, as long as you're not rude. No one was about, anyway, so I started to climb it.

I was just getting to the branches, when I heard someone call me from down on the ground.
"Hey, Sarah!"
I almost lost my grip and fell! Once I had a good hold of the tree again, I looked down.

There was Anna, waving at me to try and get my attention.
"What are you doing up in the tree?" she called.
"Climbing it!" I laughed. "I like doing things like this."
"That is okay. I like it too."
"Great!" I climbed down carefully.

"Why are you out here in the cold?" I asked.
"I felt like to have some fun."
"Oh, okay. That's the same reason I came out."
We started walking up the path together.

"Let's go sit on the wall behind those bushes!" I said.
"That is a good idea! I saw it is dry earlier, so it is a good place to go."

When we came to the steps, we decided to hop down.:) The wind blew our hair everywhere while we jumped.

When we got to the little wall we sat down.
"I love all things outside," Anna sighed, in a day-dreaming sort of tone.
"Me too."
She turned around, then said, "Oh, look! The flowers are starting to come out!"
"Yay! That means it's spring!" I smiled, looking at the pretty little purple buds behind us.
"Ow!" said Anna, suddenly.
"What is it?"
She laughed at herself as she carefully pulled a dry bramble stalk off her arm.
"This is all thorny!" she said.
As I turned to look at the plant, something tugged at my hair. I squeaked, and then realized what it was. The dry bush behind me was full of thorns, too!
"My hair is caught in this bush!" I said, half-laughing.
"Oh! Let me help you." Anna reached over and got my hair off the bush.
"You're welcome."
"Let's get up."
"Yes, let's," Anna said quickly.

We stood up and brushed the dirt off ourselves, and Anna took a better look at the bramble that had caught her.
"Shall we go inside now?" she asked.
"That's probably a good idea!" I laughed. "This is about the only dry place to sit down."

We set off for the house again, holding hands...

... and jumped the step at the door!:)

As we walked in, it suddenly felt so much warmer.
"Oh, it's so warm!" I said.
"Yes!" said Anna, as we took off our shoes.

We closed the door and walked in.
"Shall we make some hot chocolate?" Anna asked.
I smiled widely at that idea!:)
"Yes! Definitely!"

 Ten minutes later, we were sitting on our bed with lovely, hot, hot chocolate!:)
I had lots of fun, but I think I've had my taste of winter for the year!;)

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