Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I've Got a Cold...:P

Hello! Dith id Nicki, and I'm writing like dith for fun.:P Nikki caught a nasty cold from her dad, and now I've got it! (What was it her mom said a few years back about dolls not catching colds...?;)) I've been sitting in bed all day, and Julie's staying over with Elyssa and Lindsay until I'm better. She says she doesn't want to catch my cold, but Nikki says she'll probably have it anyway, and everyone's getting it, so if she doesn't get it from me, she'll get it from someone else. She didn't listen though. She said she still didn't want to sleep next to me, because I'll probably snore and sniffle all night.:P So, that leaves me alone... except for Nikki. We can quietly sniff to each other all day. Nikki felt a little better, so she got up and took pictures of me.:P

Here I am! Floppy and fuzzy. I was reading the book I borrowed from Elyssa, but I got bored, and I wanted to lie down for a while, anyway.

Nikki insisted that I wave and at least try to smile. Here's the result, lol.

Oh, no!

I suddenly realized I had to sneeze. Just before I sneezed, I sat right up and squeaked with surprise, and Nikki thought it was very funny... and somehow managed to take a picture the very moment before my head exploded.

I decided to go back to my book, but then something bounced on the end of my bed. I put the book down to look.
 Oh! It was Sprocket!
"Come here, Sprocket!" I said, patting the bed. He's nice to be around all the time, but when you're sick, he's the best company!:)

And he came over and sat under my arm. He's a great friend, and he doesn't take pictures of you when you sneeze!;) He's still next to me now, after I got up and came to the computer!:)

"Achoo!... Sniff sniff..." Hmm... I just sneezed on the keyboard. Maybe I should go back to bed... Should I tell Nikki? Maybe, but I think I'll wait till she's typing on it. Ha ha ha haaa! Just kidding... well, half-kidding anyway.;)

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