Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Liebster Award:)

Nikki here.;)
Christain Homeschooler and Doll-ightful Days nominated me for the Liebster Award, so I'm doing another award post!:) 

Here are the questions I was given:

1. What is a favorite post of yours?

Probably when Anna and Sarah went outside together.:)

2. Do you have a favorite doll/stuffed animal?

Well, my favorite doll is Kirsten, and she's very special! For a stuffed animal, I would probably say a little blue Elephant called Ellie. She was my first stuffed animal.:)

3. The blog you have been following the longest?

Well, the first blog I properly "followed" was An American Girl Doll Story, but I've been reading American Girl Fan the longest.:)

4. Doll item on your wishlist? (Or clothes item, etc, if no dolls)

Right now I can't choose between a 1970 Crissy doll, American Girl Cecile, and the My Twinn Loveable Sister, Catherine.

5.  If you had to shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

I don't really know. If the local charity shop down the street counts, then there, because I love all the little things they get in, but otherwise, I'd probably say Asda (which is a UK supermarket owned by Walmart;)).

6. Cookie or cupcake?

Usually the cupcake.:) I like cake.:)

7. Favorite dog breed?

I'm not sure, but I like collies, retrievers, chihuahuas, and some terriers.:)

8. Favorite smiley face? (For example, :D)

Probably the tongue smiley, lol.:P (I also saw an upside-down smiley once, and I think that's cool!:))

9. Favorite holiday?

 If you mean one that I've already had, probably when we went down to Plymouth in Devon for the weekend, three years ago.:)

10. Least favorite day of the week?

Probably Wednesday, because it's two days after and one day before rehearsals with my drama group, which are my favorite thing, and it's not a weekend like the gap from Thursday to Monday.:P

11. Greatest reward you got from blogging?

I think just the fun of being able to share things with people that I would've had alone otherwise.:)

Now, I'm meant to nominate 11 more blogs, but I can't, because most of the blogs I read have already had the award, so I'm just going to nominate the ones that haven't.:)

Little House of American Girl

An American Girl Doll Story

American girl Dolly Sisters

Here are my questions:

1. Who was the first American Girl doll you ever wanted?

2. If you have a doll with curly hair, how do you take care of it?

3. Do you like or have any of the pre-Mattel American Girl dolls (before 1998;))?

4. Has anything horrible ever happened to your dolls (such as, for me, Kirsten falling head-first into a bucket of old fishtank water, or Nellie getting a slug in her hair:P)?

5. Do you like to keep your historical dolls in historical clothes, or do they wear newer clothes?

6. Have you ever thought you'd grown out of your dolls but changed your mind?

7. Do you have a doll that looks like you? If you don't, does American Girl sell one that does?

8. Do any or your dolls have very loose legs?

9. (Weird question) Can you wait till summer?:P

10. Do your dolls have any pets?

11. Does your mom have any dolls?

I'm sorry for the boring questions, but I think I used up all my best ones on the other award.:P
Thanks for nominating me!:)

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