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MagNioBio Award :)

Hello! It is Kirsten! Christian Homeschooler has nominated us for the MagNioBio award!:) (Thank you Christian Homeschooler!:))


What we do, is we answer the ten questions Christian Homeschooler gave us, and then we nominate some more blogs for the award, and give them our own ten questions!:) Because there are many of us, instead of answering the questions ourselves, we are going to let Nikki do it.:)
These are the questions:

1. Besides American Girl dolls, what doll brands are your favorites?

Well, I quite like My Twinn, but only the older dolls, really (they're a lot more realistic), and I can't really think of any other whole brand (rather than just a single line of dolls) that I really like.:)


2. What do you think of A Life of Faith dolls?

I think they're very cute! I really want Millie.:)


3. Which of the original Historical Characters(Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha) do you like best?

Kirsten, definitely.:) I think she's so pretty, and her character is so sweet. Her books are my favorites.:)

4. What do you think is the best blogging tip?

I'm not sure really. Maybe to not blog if you're not in the mood, even if you haven't posted in a while, because if you're bored when you write, people reading will feel bored too, like an audience feels what you do in acting.:)


5. What do you like to read about the most on other girl’s doll blogs(for example, photo-stories, crafts, photo-shoots, reviews)?  

 Well, probably photostories. They're very cute, and I just love the pretty pictures, and the sweet stories.:) I quite enjoy hairstyle posts, too, because I love dolls' hair, but the funny thing is, I never do that hairstyles!:P


6. What is your favorite Girl of the Year doll?

Nicki.:) I've always thought she looks really cute and pretty, and I love her outfits. And although the only GOTY book I've read is her first one, I think her character was one of the most unique, and special.:)


7. Which Historical Character friend is your favorite?

 I'm not sure, really.:) I would've said Nellie a couple years ago, but I also love Elizabeth, because she looks like Lindsay Wagner. If Cecile counts, then I'd probably say she's my favorite for now. Otherwise, I'll choose Elizabeth.:)


8. Do you ever look on eBay for good deals on American Girl items?

I do a lot, because I can't really afford them new with the shipping and import tax.:) I tend to look on the UK Ebay page every day, even if I don't have any money, just to see what the prices are like here (there isn't much to look through, so it only take a minute or two), but when I'm looking for something specific that I want, I'll go to


9. What do you think about highlights for dolls’ hair?

Well, it doesn't really bother me to see them in other dolls' hair, but I would never put them in my dolls' hair.:P I just really don't like the idea of highlights.;)


10. Of the dolls you have, which is your favorite(if you have one)?

I feel a bit mean, actually saying this on they're blog, but, truly, my favorite is Kirsten. She's so, so special to me, and I love her more than anything else I own. (It's not that the other things aren't special or anything; just that Kirsten is extra special to me.;)) She was my first American Girl doll, and I remember waiting a year before I could get her, and hardly letting her go for the whole of my 10th birthday. I've only had her 4 and a half years, but it feels like 10, and I just love her so much.:)


The blogs that I nominate are:

Little House of American Girl

Delightful World of Dolls

An American Girl Doll Story

Dolly-Dorm Diaries

Doll-ightful Days

American Girl Dolly Sisters 


My questions are:

 1. Do your dolls have middle names or nicknames? If they do, what are they? 

2. What's your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

3. How long have you had American Girl dolls?

4. How do you play with you dolls? (Even if you don't act out scenes or play as their mother, I think you still play with them if you blog about them, because you're imagining all these things happening.:))

5. What are your favorite Historical American Girl books, and why?

6. Do you have a proper bed for for your dolls? (So, something that was made to be a doll bed, rather than a shelf or something.;))

7. Do your dolls all share clothes, or do they have they all have their own clothes?

8. Do you like making up hairstyles for you dolls?

9. What non-American Girl dolls do you like?

10. I know this has nothing to do with dolls, but I just can't help asking it: Do you like acting?:P


I hope you enjoy answering the questions!:) Just for fun, I'm going to give you my answers to my own questions (because I feel like answering them:P):

1. My dolls do have middle names and nicknames, but they're all on the "Get to Know Us!" page, so I'm not going to list them all.;)

2. My favorite things to do with my dolls are imagine things about them, and do their hair.:)

3. I've had American Girl dolls since I turned 10, which is about 4 and a half years ago. (Okay, no I feel old, lol.:P)

4. I play with my dolls by imagining all kinds of things about them (which makes them very real when I want:)), making up stories with them, but hardly ever writing them down.:P

5. My favorite Historical American Girl series is Kirsten's. I think they're just lovely, and she's so sweet! I love her kindness and innocence, and I enjoy God and praying being mentioned a lot in the first book.:)

6. I don't actually have a proper bed for my dolls, but they have beds on shelves, with nice, fluffy, pillows for mattresses.:)

7. My dolls kind of share clothes, and they used to all the time, but now most of them have their own clothes, although they do share them sometimes.:)

8. I do like making up hairstyles for my dolls, but I don't really get any farther than playing with braids.:)

9. Aside from American Girl, I like older My Twinn dolls (like Anna and Sarah), 18" Berenguer Classmates (like Cindy), A Life of Faith Dolls, 1970's Crissy Family dolls by Ideal, and one or two of the Heidi Ott Faithful Friends (mostly just Beth).:)

10. This is the reason I had to ask that question, but I really, really, really love acting!:) I've just done my first show with my drama group, and it was so much fun I just want to do it again! It was the best, most fun, loveliest thing I've ever done (and I'm not exaggerating at all;)), and I can't wait to do the next show!:)

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