Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sorry (Again!)

Hi there! It's Nikki here. I'm pretty sure I'm I won't seem like I mean this by now, but I'm sorry I haven't posted since November. I've just been so, so busy! It's felt like it's still November to me until and week or so ago. I feel really bad, because I keep saying I'll come back, and then I make one post and disappear again. But this time I really think I can manage it. I won't be able to do a proper post for a while yet, but I should be able to do it and keep doing it soon. :) I'm busy playing the Fairy Godmother in a pantomime right now, and after that my drama group is performing a show that I wrote, and I'm going to be directing, so I'll probably be very busy until around April, but I should still be able to post - just not as often as I once did. I'm very sorry for leaving this blog for so long; I've missed the fun of writing all the posts, and I want to do it again. :) Thank you all very much for understanding, and hopefully [my dolls and] I will be back soon.;)


  1. I've missed your posts, but it is totally understandable to be busy in December. We sure were! Hope to see more posts soon!! :)

    1. Thank you very much for understanding! :) I'm currently busy on some really rushed and chaotic script-editing, because I have a load of changes to make to my script before it's rehearsed, and for various reasons (mainly getting tonsillitis and then doing the pantomime) I haven't been able to do much of it until now, and my first rehearsal is in 8 days!