Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Exploring The Garden

Hello! I'm Carrie. I came to live with Nikki and her other dolls recently, and I think it's lovely here. I'm 16, and Sarah and I get on especially well. :)

Today, we had been sitting talking together for quite a while, but we were both getting bored. Eventually Sarah came up with an idea.
"Why don't we go out and explore the garden?" she said.
"Yes! That's a great idea."
"Alright then, let's!"

We got up and went outside. It was quite cold, but alright to be out without a coat for a while.
"I'm going to look over here," Sarah said, skipping off to our right. I decided to go the other way.

I came to the step outside the kitchen door. I think it's really pretty, because it's rounded, and the slabs of stone on it almost look patterned.
Suddenly I heard Sarah shouting.

"Hey! Come over here!" she said. "Look at this!"
I ran over to her.

She was standing under a funny sort of tree, planted in a huge pot.
"That's strange!" I said.
"It is, isn't it? I think it's pretty though."
"Yes, me too," I said, looking up at it. "And there's a light here too. I wonder if it comes on at night..."
"Me too. Let's watch it when it gets dark tonight."
I smiled. "Yes!" I looked around. "Let's go up to the lawn," I said, pointing.
"Alright," said Sarah, and we ran over to it.

Sarah stopped halfway. "Look at these little steps," she said, smiling. "They're lovely."
"Yes, they are. I think we should have come out and explored the garden long ago."
"Me too..." Sarah turned, and we carried on up the steps. "But then it would have been winter, so it would probably have been too cold."
"You're probably right."
When Sarah got to the grass, she suddenly stopped.
"Ew! This grass is squelchy!" she said.
I took a step onto it.
"Oh, you're right, it is!"
Sarah took two careful steps forward.
"It's not too bad," she said. "We should be able to walk across it without getting wet shoes."
She started walking again, slowly, and I followed. Eventually we got to the other side of the lawn, and were standing under the huge arched trellis.

"It's lovely under here, isn't it?" I said, looking back over the rest of the garden.
"Yes," said Sarah. "It's like some sort of fairyland."

"Shall we go back now?" I asked, after a while.
"Yes, let's go sit on the steps."

We went carefully back over the grass, and sat down, with the wind blowing our hair.
"I like the garden," I said.
"I do too," said Sarah, looking at everything. "I think we should come out here more often."
"Just in summer!" I laughed.
Sarah giggled.
"It's a pity there are no flowers out yet..." I said thoughtfully. "Are there a lot of flowers her in the summer?"
"Lots! Not as much as where we lived before, but still lots. This garden's really beautiful in the summer."
"It's beautiful now, too."
"Well wait till summer, then it's really lovely."
Suddenly a cold gust on wind blew over. We both shivered at the same time, and then giggled.
"Shall we go inside?" I asked.

 "Yes, I think we'd better," said Sarah, getting up. "We can get something warm to drink."
I stood up, and we walked inside, talking. I can't wait till the summer so I can see the garden at its best!

PS From Nikki: Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's taken so long to post, but I've been extremely busy (and I still will be until late April). As you know I've been directing the show I wrote at my drama group, but 6 people have left (most of them for fair reasons) after being cast, all in the space of 20 days, and because of that, in those 20 days a role has had to change hands 12 times! And now there's an empty role, and no one left in the group to fill it, so we're having to search like crazy to find someone, and at the same time, the people on committee are giving loads of other stuff to do (like costume and prop lists and organizing for cast photos to be taken), so I have a chaotic amount of things to think about. I actually only found the time for this post today because I was being so overloaded by people on every side asking me to do things for them, I just needed to stop thinking about any of it for a few hours, because otherwise I just would have gotten stressed by thinking about everything at once, and not been able to do anything. So, I may not be able to post again for a while, but I hopefully will every now and then, if I need to take a break from the other things I'm doing. Thank you for still reading even with all the long gaps I have left, and thanks for understanding. :)


  1. Nice photostory! Your dolls are so pretty and cute. I love how they sit down so realistically. :) They are 22" My Twinn dolls, right? Anyway, don't feel bad that you can't post because you're so busy. Of course, if you ever do get a break now and then, then a post would be great! But, even if you don't post until April, that's okay and I will still be a reader of your blog. :) :)

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement and understanding; it really means a lot to me. :) (I've just been so madly busy for the last couple months, and we're still missing an actress in the play :/) Thank you :)
      They are My Twinn dolls, but they are from 1997 and 1998, rather than being the newer kind (apparently two other companies have owned the brand since then, and the dolls have changed a lot, even before they were made 18 inches). :) They are very pretty and realistic, and I love them. :)

  2. Wow, your schedule sounds so crazy! We totally understand about not posting, though. Take your time!
    P.S. Your blog is terrific, and I love your dolls!

    1. Thanks so much! :) The show I over now, so I should be able to get back soon. Just have a bit of schoolwork to catch up on. :)

  3. I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Here's the link:https://everythingfununderthesun.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/the-blogger-recognition-award/