Friday, 15 May 2015

Good News And Bad News

Hi, this is Molly! Today we got some really exciting news, but it was followed by something horrible.

Kirsten and I were starting to play 'General Knowledge', when Kit suddenly ran in.

"Guess what!" she said, grinning.
"What is it?" Kirsten and I said at the same time.
"My mom just got a call from my uncle in France, and he was asking if my little cousin - his daughter - can come and stay with us, because he and my aunt are becoming missionaries, and they didn't want to take a young girl with them because it would be too hard for her. And my mom said yes! So my cousin will be coming to stay with us!" Kit panted.
Kirsten and I smiled.
"What's her name?" I asked.
"It's Cherie," said Kit. "But everyone calls her Cherry, because she's got really rosy cheeks. She's seven."
"That will be really sweet!" said Kirsten. "Can she speak much English?"
"Oh yes. She was born in France, but because my Uncle's American she speak both French and English."
"That's good. When is she supposed to be coming?"I asked.
"In about a month, if everything goes smoothly. It'll be great to have two cousins in the house. And I haven't seen Cherry in ye -"
Suddenly we were interrupted by a thump and an awful shriek, followed by someone screaming, "Nellie!" in what sounded like a complete panic.

"What was that?" Kirsten asked, looking worried.
"I don't know," said Kit. "But we'd better go find out what's happening. It sounds like somebody's gotten hurt!"

We all got up and started half-running to the door. Benny tried to follow me, but I told him to stay.

We ran out, to find Nellie lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, with Samantha standing next to her, looking very upset. Nellie wasn't moving, and I realized she was unconscious.
"What happened?" Kirsten asked.
"Nellie and I were just talking, and we decided to come downstairs, a-and she slipped, and fell, and I couldn't do anything to stop her! And she hit her head, and I don't know what to do...!" Samantha said tearfully, looking pleadingly towards us. She must have been very upset, because out of all of us she's the most first-aid qualified.
"Her leg doesn't look very good..." Kit said. "I think it may be broken."
Kirsten ran over and knelt beside Nellie to feel her pulse.

"Well, her pulse is normal," she said. "But her leg does look broken. And she may have a concussion... I think we should call an ambulance."
As I was about to run to the phone, Nellie started to stir.

She moaned, and opened her eyes a bit.
"Nellie?" Samantha said.
Nellie murmured.
"Nellie, wake up," said Kirsten, tapping her cheek. Nellie opened her eyes a little more.
"Wh - what's going on...?" Nellie whispered, slowly. "Ohh... it hurts..."
"What hurts?" Kirsten asked.
"I - I don't know... I'm dizzy..."
Kit mouthed to Samantha to go and phone for the ambulance, and she ran off, looking worried.
"Can you move?" asked Kit.
Nellie started to move slowly, but suddenly stopped.
"Ow!" she cried. "I can't move... I-it hurts!"
"Where?" Kit asked.
"My - My leg, a-and my arm too..." Nellie said, flinching in pain.
"It must be broken," I said, and Kit nodded.
Nellie lay back her head and moaned again.
Samantha came running back in.
"They say they'll be here in a few minutes," she said.
"Good," said Kit.
"I'll go and tell your aunt and uncle what's happened, Samantha," I offered.
"Thank you, Molly."

Hours later, we got to visit her in hospital. We were told that she had a bad concussion, and had broken her left arm and right leg, and also one of her right fingers.
"Are you okay?" Samantha asked as we came in.
"I'm alright..." said Nellie. "It just hurts."
"I'm really sorry."
"For what? You didn't do anything, Samantha."
"I couldn't stop you falling..."
"No... It's not your fault. Not at all. I'll be okay. Don't worry."
Samantha gave a grateful half-smile.
"How are you doing?" asked Kit.
"Well, aside from the broken bones and being a bit dizzy, I'm mostly alright." Nellie tried to smile.
"How long do you have to stay in here?" I asked.
"They say they don't know... But the nurse said at least three days. She said something about keeping an eye on the breaks or something..."
"Okay..." said Kirsten. "Are you comfortable, at least? I mean, aside from being in pain."
"Yes, I'm alright. And the nurses are nice."
"Good," Kirsten smiled.

In a few minutes, a nurse came over and told us we had to go. We all said goodbye, and slowly turned to leave.

"Goodbye," Nellie said quietly, lifting her hand.
Samantha stopped suddenly and turned back for a moment.
"Will you be okay?" she asked.
"Yes, of course I will," Nellie said, trying to smile again. "I promise I'll be fine."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I'll be okay. I'll be out soon."
"Alright." Samantha tried to smile a bit herself.
"Goodbye," Nellie said again.
"Goodbye," we all said, heading for the door. "And goodnight. We'll come back to see you tomorrow."
"Alright, goodnight."

We walked out and left the hospital, feeling very dreary. We'd had a very long day, because there were hours when we didn't even know if Nellie was alright. But at least she's okay. Hopefully she'll be able to come home after just the three days. :)


  1. Poor Nellie. :-( I hope she gets better soon.
    But on the other hand, that's pretty exciting about Cherry! :-D

  2. We'll tell her you wish her a fast recovery :)
    And yes, it is exciting! Kit's already planning things to make Cherry feel at home.:)

  3. Thank you. :-)
    That's fantastic!! :-D Hope she comes soon!!

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    1. Hi, thank you for commenting! :) I think I've made it so that there is a button to follow on the sidebar (it may read 'join this site'). :) And sure, I'll follow your blog! :)