Saturday, 7 November 2015

Snoopy And Woodstock! (A Photoshoot)

Hi there! This is Lindsay. Nikki tried out the Rainbow Ponytail Veil from American Girl Fan on my hair, and both of us think it worked out quite well.:)

I think it's pretty awesome.:)
Nikki says to excuse her hand.;) Also, she took these photos with her phone Camera, so they're clearer than normal (her usual camera is very cheap, and quite old), but they also have a weird shape, and slightly strange lighting, because her phone camera always grays or shines things too much.:P She's asked for you to please let her know which pictures you prefer (the ones in this post, or our usual ones), because there are good and bad sides to each camera, and Nikki isn't sure which one is better to use.

Nikki took some pictures of me wearing my hair in the ponytail veil, with Snoopy and Woodstock (and Woodstock's friends;)) in the background. She loves Peanuts (Snoopy, Woodstock, and Peppermint Pattie especially), and Elyssa and I think they're really cute.;)

 I'm going to keep putting these pictures up two at a time, because they look really tall on their own.:P

 The one on the bottom right shows Snoopy properly.:)

I think that from father away, the phone camera is possibly more blurry than Nikki's normal one.:P

This one was taken with the light on in the room as well as the natural light from the window. It came out a bit yellow-y, bit I think it may have been better than the others... What do you think?:)

 These two were taken as I was turning.:)

And this is the last one. I think there was a better version of it, but I can't get it off of Nikki's phone right now.:P

Sorry about all the comments on the camera.:P Please do let us know which pictures you prefer though.:)

Also, I thought I would update you on Nellie, and Kit's cousin, Cherry. Cherry has arrived, and she's very sweet. We'll introduce her to you shortly, and she may even introduce herself!;)
As for Nellie, she's having a hard time. Her surgery has been postponed again (the doctors found out she was anaemic, and they didn't want to operate until she was stronger), and I think she's starting to lose her hope. Samantha isn't feeling responsible anymore, but she's very sad, and every time I've visited Nellie with her, I can see she's trying not to cry. But we know Nellie will recover. And Cindy is still even more optimistic than the rest of us.;) We will let you know when Nellie does have her surgery though.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and have a good rest-of-the-day!:)

Do you like Snoopy and the Peanuts cartoons?:)



  1. Cute photos! I really like Elizabeth's hairstyle. :) Is the Snoopy and Woodstock background a blanket? It's really cute! I really like Snoopy. :)
    As for the photos, I think I like the one on the right of the photos of the ponytail veil. But I don't have a huge preference.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, the background is a blanket - I had it on my cot when I was a baby and I found it recently, and loved it so much I decided to put it over the bottom of my bed. :) For the photoshoot, I hung it from a chest of drawers. ;)
      That one is better, I think. :) But when I asked, I meant to ask if the photos in this post are better or worse than my normal photos, because I used a different camera. I'm sorry if I explained it badly. :P :/

  2. Oh! Sorry! No, I don't think they're worse at all. I'm not sure if they're better, but it's hard to say. But Elizabeth looks really good. ;)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. That's alright. :) Thanks for letting me know about the pictures; I think I may go back to using my other camera, because I don't really like the coloring of the photos from the one I used in this post.
      Lindsay (Elizabeth) says thanks! ;)

  3. Great pictures! Although I think I prefer the ones taken with your regular camera. ;)
    I love Snoopy, Woodstock, and Peppermint Patty too! Actually I love all the Peanuts characters. Here in the States, a Peanuts movie was just released in the theaters yesterday. Hopefully my family will go to see it soon. :)

    1. Thanks! I think I prefer the pictures from my usual camera as well - the one I used for this post does clearer close-ups, but all the pictures seem a bit dark and bland. :P
      Peanuts is awesome! ;) I hope you get to see the movie soon! Tell me if it's good, because if it is I really want to see it if it gets released here. ;)

  4. Great pictures! Maybe to make them less gray, you can add some filters or auto-enhance on it to lighten them up a bit!:) I love her hairstyle!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the tips as well - I'll see if I can do that.:) I've wanted to try the hairstyle ever since I saw it posted on American Girl Fan, but I didn't have small enough hairties until recently.:)