Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Hairstyle for Long Hair and Braids

Hello! This is Kirsten, and after the last post with pictures of me, we were asked if we could explain my hairstyle. We don't know if it is a 'real' hairstyle, but Nikki saw something similar once, and decided to do it her own way.:) I hope I can explain it properly, because it is quite hard to describe. We took pictures, to make it easier.:)

First, part the hair in the middle all the way down the back, if it is not already parted. A comb helps a lot to get it straight.:)
Then braid the hair on both sides, fairly tightly, and roughly just about the back of the ear. (But, if you are doing it on a person, you should probably start the braid right over the ear.:)) If you do not know how to braid, you divide the hair into three, and then take the left piece across the middle one. (It can be either side, but I am saying left just to explain. It is probably best to start with the piece closest to the face.) Now, the left piece is the 'middle' one (sorry if that does not make sense). Take the right piece, and put it over the 'middle' one. Now, what was originally left is 'right', what was middle is 'left', and what was right is 'middle'. Now do the same over again and again, taking the pieces in their new places as if that is where they have started (if that makes sense to you).

Braid the hair as far down as you can, and put a small rubber band (or hairband) on the end. (It doesn't have to be braided quite as far down as in the picture; mine is very even on this side, so it can go all the way down.)

When you have done both sides, twist them around and balance a ribbon at their roots, then pull the one braid over the head, holding it there on that side. (On a person, you might have to do this slightly differently.:))

Keep that braid over the head (you might need a hairpin or something like that to do it), but do not tie it down properly. Then you take the second braid and pull it over, crossing it over the first one right by its beginning.

Pull it down and hold it there, then use your other hand to tie the ribbon around into a single knot around both braids. (Nikki needed a little help from her lips though.;))

Now go back to the other braid and take out the hairpin, if you used one. Hold it down next to the beginning of the tied one, but almost under it. Now tie the ribbon like the first one.

Make sure it is tight, and then tie a bow with the ends. Do the same thing with the other ribbon.

On the first side, tuck the braid-ends under the other hair, behind the ear. It is quite hard to get right. On a person, it might be better to just pin them down.:)

On the other side, do basically the same thing, except it is more behind the ear than under the hair.:)

Now you are done!:) I hope you have fun with this hairstyle!

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