Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gymnastics in the House!:)

Hiya! It's Elyssa, and Nikki finally fixed my leotard a few days ago.:) Last night, I decided to try out some of my gymnastics moves inside!

The splits!:) Actually, it was soooo hard to stay like this while Nikki took a good photo.

More splits!:)
Ta-da! Uhhh, I think my leotard was slipping down my shoulder... Whoops!

Now I'm trying a somersault! But it's no big deal. I mean, even Nikki can do that.

And over I go... with my leg in the air... Oh, well!:P

And I'm up!:)

Cartwheel time!:) Now these, Nikki can't do!

Ta-da again!:)

Now, I'm doing a backwards somersault!:D But these aren't as cool as they used to be, now that Nikki can do them, too.

Almost over...

And done! Ha!:)

Now, I shall do a handstand! But... I can't stay up this way.:P

So, I leaned!:)

And, weird as this may look, it's me trying to get down, lol. It went wrong.:P

And, a final bow!:) Nikki made me do this, though. I'm not that proud.;)

Then she took a photo of me resting.:P She went photo-crazy yesterday because it was the first chance she got to use her camera properly. Her dad put it back in her room after borrowing on Boxing Day, and he put it in the wrong place. She didn't find it until New Year's, lol!

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