Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pictures of Kirsten!:)

Yay!! We finally found Nikki's camera!:) (This is Elyssa, by the way.) She took some lovely pictures of Kirsten last night.

Kirsten's all dressed up, with her doll, Rebecca. I really like her dress.:) The bonnet is actually a sunhat, and Nikki pinned ribbons onto it.:P

With the bonnet off.:) Nikki did Kirsten's hair in a new way. She says it took her hours, but I think it was really only about 30 minutes.

I think close ups make Kirsten look so pretty!:)

 This one isn't so yellow, so I picked it over the yellow version, but I think the other one actually looks better. Never mind.:P

 This is her hairstyle. I would try to explain how to do it, but it's kind of confusing to get it right.

This one's so pretty! It also has a yellower version, but this time it didn't look right.:P

This one's also lovely!

I'm sorry this one is so yellow.:P It's nice anyway, though, I think.:)

Another close up. I think these are the nicest pictures I've seen of Kirsten.:)

Sleeping beauty...;)

I hope you like the photos!:)
Did you know we found the camera just after posting about losing it? Lol, it was under some junk that we and Nikki had checked a thousand times. It took her dad to find it in the end.:P
-Elyssa ;)

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