Sunday, 2 March 2014

Getting Ready for a Trip!:)

Hello! Sarah here! I'm sorry we haven't posted in ages again; we really are trying to, but things keep getting in the way, or we run out of things to post. Something really great is happening this week, though! Nikki and her family are going up to a town near London, where they used to live, and I'm coming along! My favorite TV show is the 1973-76 episodes of Doctor Who, and the best bit is: one of my favorite episodes was filmed there! I can't wait to see all the places they used, and Nikki's excited too, because she also loves that show.:) But she's also a little annoyed, because she was hoping to get a picture of herself at some of the locations, and yesterday she just got a really nasty haircut, because the hairdresser misunderstood what she was saying. Well, she says it's really nasty, but I don't think it's that bad; it's just not really the kind of thing that goes with her personality, so that's what's annoying her.
Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow evening, so I packed this afternoon, and Anna helped me.

 We were laying everything out on the bed, and it seemed a lot more there than it did in the drawer or on a list.:P

"Here are some more," said Anna, putting down the clothes she was carrying.
"Thanks," I smiled.
"I think that they are the end," she said, satisfied.
"Good," I sighed.
"Where is your suitcase?"
"I think it's in the cupboard down the hall. I'll go get it." I skipped out of the room and dug my suitcase out of the cupboard.

"Here it is!"
"Now let's hope it all fits!" I said, half-laughing. Somehow I always manage to set out just a little more than my suitcase will take.

We started putting everything in, and it was looking pretty good. I guess we are only going for a couple of days... but then it is a small case.

"Well," I said a few minutes later, "that's all it'll take."
"Are you sure?" asked Anna.
"Yes," I sighed. "But it doesn't really matter; the only things I had to leave out were spare socks and a blouse, and I can do without both of them."
"Now, let's see if we can close it." I started to lift to lid of the case.
"Wait!" said Anna.
"We forgot something!" She jumped up from the bed and ran off to the table across the room.

She picked something up and ran back.
"You can't go without your comb!" she said.
"Oh, of course!" I laughed. "How could I have forgotten that?"
"Here." She handed it to me, and I put it in the case. "Now we can close it," she smiled.

I tucked everything inside and pressed down on the lid, and I finally got it to close. Suddenly I realized I'd made a mistake.
"I can't lock the catch now!"
"Oh, no!"

So, I had to let go of it, and we finally got it down again. This time, Anna held it closed, while I locked it.
"There!" I said, finally standing up straight. "We've done it."
"Finally!" Anna paused and then smiled. "Just a second!"

She climbed up onto the bed.

"Are you not going to take Mary?" she asked, holding the doll she gave me for Christmas.
"Of course, but not in the suitcase."
"Okay, that is good."
"For her or for us?" I laughed.
"For both!" We burst into giggles. "Shall we play with our dolls before we have to have supper?" Anna asked after a while.
"Good idea!" I said, pushing the suitcase aside and getting onto the bed.
"I am going to miss you," said Anna.
"I'll miss you, too, but it's only a couple of days, anyway."

 "Well let's make the most of your last day here then!" she said, smiling, and picking up her doll.

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