Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Hello! It's Nikki here (again). :) I know it's my dolls' blog (and they prefer to keep it that way), but sometimes there's something that I want to share, and they don't, or can't. This time, I came on to share some beautiful pictures of Anna with you. Out of all the dolls I have, she's probably had more photos taken this year than any of the others! :) But that's not because she's my favorite - it's because she's just an amazing model for clothes, and she poses beautifully.

This is the first picture I ever took of her. (Well, the first one that worked, anyway.) :) I think it was the day I finished making the jeans, although they didn't get pockets until July, I think. Actually, I liked them better without. :P

Now we get to my favorites (which are most of the photos I've taken :)). I took these photos the day her hair calmed down after being fluffy from braids. :P She's posing on my bed with my mom's bear. I think I had started packing for our house-move and I packed all my bears, so I borrowed this one to sleep with. :P

Now she's holding the bear! :)

 A beautiful close-up! :) I always think when the light shines that way on her hair she really looks like an angel. :)

This is one of the photos I took in August when we went to a little nature reserve right near our house. It was cold when we started out, so she dressed up warmly and got a chance to wear the scarf and mittens I made for her. They have little white flowers or snowflakes on them and the scarf has her name on it. :) She got a green mitten here, though, because the back of that pole she's holding had some kind of algae or mold on it. Yuck!

Standing on the railing at a view-point bench, with the sea in the background. :) Unfortunately, the flash made this one bluish because it was shady.

Sitting against a tree by the pond! :) We were going to take some photos on the little jetty on the pond, but someone had thrown up on it. :P

On the way to the beach I always take a little side path, even though it's longer, because it's got these little step and a picnic area, and it's just generally pretty. :) This one's of Anna on the railing at the picnic area. (But don't ask me why there's a railing - there's no drop or anything!)

 Then we found this lovely old tree, which look great to climb, so she tried it! :)

Queen of the Wood! :) Actually, she almost fell here. :P

Now she's under the cliff. Well, it's called a cliff, but I would call it more of a heap of sand piled up in lumps. :P

Yay! We're on the beach! :) And waving to her friends... But the sun came out and it got really hot, as you can see by the people swimming in the background. :P Lol, on the way home she was called "little Eskimo" by a guy who walked past!

This was more of the sea than of her, but I like the water, so I'm adding it anyway. ;)

Here, I was trying to get one of her with a wave in it. Finally, I did... but the wave almost knocked her over half a second after I took the picture!

I don't know what seemed so good about this at the time... I think it was the little opening in the bushes... Maybe it just looks boring because the sun was too bright.

 And further on, Anna's in the bushes! :) Is that gorse next to her...? I don't think so... Now I miss my old house. :P

Now this is a cliff! :) Can you see Anna way down there? ;) Sometimes I can't even find her in this picture! She shouldn't have actually been under that cliff, but what were the chances that part of it would collapse just this one time we were there? We never go under it usually, and anyway, she wasn't really under it, just near it. The photo looks like she's closer in to it. :)

A beautiful stretch of forest-edged beach! :) The woods are more like a jungle, though, especially from the beach. Sometimes when I'm in them I like to pretend I'm a savage, or on another planet or something. :P

 Here's the steps I mentioned before. :) I don't know why, but they make me think of an enchanted forest of something.

Now Anna's in a little clearing on the way back.

 And now she's walking on a log! :)

And  final outdoor picture for the day - walking on this little wall. :) this was probably less than a minute before she was called a "little Eskimo". :)
I have one of her in her pajamas later, but it looks strange. :P

Here she is in a dress I made her in October. :) She's also in braids again! That's because it's her favorite hairstyle aside from just leaving it down. ;)

And I know you've already seen some of the pictures from this day, but this is her with Sarah in November. :)

These are the best photos I have, and I really think they're all lovely. Not because of my photography (or my lousy camera :P), but because of how amazingly beautiful she is! :)


  1. My favorite comment is third up from the last one! The close-up of her walking on the wall "less than a minute before she was called 'little Eskimo'"! IT IS SO CUTE AND AMAZING I LOVE IT!

    1. Thank you very much!:) I like that picture a lot, too.;) There are so many beautiful spots for dolls on the way to the beach where I live, and I should've used them a lot more than I have. We're moving house soon, and I'm going to miss the little nature reserve.

  2. I love the third picture where she's hugging the panda! It's so cute!! :-)