Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hairstyle Mania!:)

Hi there!:) This is Elyssa.:)
Last night, Nikki's friend told her how to french braid, and she tried it on me, but it looked awful so she took it out. Then she did one on Julie, and Julie looks quite pretty.:) Now she's gone hair-crazy, lol. She did a french braid in her mom's hair, and then before bed she tried a really unusual braid style on me, although it was normal braids with a bit of a twist to them. This morning, she put Nicki's hair in curlers, because it's been looking a little odd and she's been meaning to re-curl it of ages. I think Nicki looks kinda nice with curlers all over her head.:)

 Here's Julie from the front. I think a french braid suits her.:)

And this is the back.:) It was a little neater before, but she fell off a bed.:P (Nikki's not completely sure, but she thinks it might have had something to do with her brother [although it was an accident for sure;)].)

And here's me!:) This picture's a little dark.:P

This is from the back.:) Nikki made three tiny little braids on either side at the front, and then braided them, and tied them back.

She took this one to show the little 'braided braids'.;)

 And this is Nicki waiting for her hair to dry.:) She is pretty with her hair little this, don't you think?:)

This one's closer.:) I hope her hair comes out nicely.:)


  1. Did the curlers work? :)
    I thought I would leave a comment for you as proof that I do read your blog! haha! :D


  2. Well, sort of, but not really. I think they made the ends curlier but it came out in weird sort of curls, lol.:P I decided to be fairly ruthless and finger brush each curl and then finger-curl it, and now it looks a lot better.:) I tried it before but I was nervous of pulling her hair; this time I figured I'd just be careful but not freak out about a couple loose hairs, and it worked.:)
    Thanks, lol.:) You didn't need to leave one though; I believed you!:)