Friday, 14 March 2014

I'm Back!:)

Hello again! I probably don't need to say it, but: it's Sarah.:) I should have posted this yesterday, but Nikki and I were very tired, so we're doing it no instead. Wednesday evening, we came back from our trip, worn out and glad to be home. It was a very interesting trip, but we did get a few disappointments. The worst one was that the Doctor Who location treasure hunt went wrong. There were seven locations in the town, but Nikki's mom said we four of them were too far from the hotel. Nikki got pictures from the show of two of those four anyway, just in case, but the others were on the opposite side of the hotel, so she didn't get them. In the end, we did have time, and would have been able to see all of them if she'd brought pictures or if she could remember the names.:P Out of the five we had, we found out that two weren't actually the places they filmed at, and another two were changed so that we couldn't get up close for pictures and things. One of those also was actually two different places labeled as one, and we didn't know where the other one was. the last location was only used to film a car going around a corner, so we didn't even go to see it.:P We did go to the local museum though, and that was pretty fun.:)

 This is me in front of a display of mammoth teeth. I don't know what the little carved mammoth is for.:)

And I think this was old weapons or something.

 This is supposed to be a really old log-boat, but I don't know how they can tell the difference between that and an old piece of tree.;)

And these are a whole bunch of old coins scattered in some sand.

 But this is the main attraction... well, for Nikki's brother anyway. Yuck!

 This was a huge display of all kinds of things, but Nikki liked the old bicycles and a cute little schoolbook.

Unfortunately, you can't really see them, but there were lots of beautiful silver things in the display behind me.:)

I loved this! It's a pretty little model of the entire town a few hundred years ago.

I never actually read what they were, but this display had lots of royal-looking jewelry and things in it.

This one's just for fun; we decided to take it because Nikki thought the pole looked interesting.;)

After the museum we went to a little cafe that Nikki's family's known since she was really little. I got squished up next to Nikki's backpack, which was about to burst.:P
This is me the next day, looking at a map of the Doctor Who filming locations before we left to see them. (It's a funny shape because Nikki's brother's arm was in the way.;))

 And I know this looks awful (it was dark so Nikki to it with flash on), but it's from when we were driving home.:P

And finally back at home!:)

I'm sorry about not having any Doctor Who location pictures. Maybe by the next time we go up there we'll have found out where those missing locations are and then we'll be able to see them!:)

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