Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kirsten Explores the Woods

Hi there! It's Nikki this time.;) The trip we were going on had to be postponed until next week, and it'll be half a day shorter, because I have important rehearsals with my drama group from now until April. Never mind.:P I'm glad I didn't pack early! Sarah's a little disappointed about having to unpack all of her stuff. Today, the ground was fairly dry (for almost the first time in months), and it's getting warmer, so I decided to take Kirsten outside, and I made a photostory set the 1850s.:)

After Kirsten had finished her chores, she had some time to play, and the sun was still shining! Spring is coming! she thought happily, running into the fields. She stopped to look around. Everything was slowly going a beautiful, bright green!

She turned around and walked towards the woods at the edge of the field. She had been a little way into them before, but she had never had time to explore them properly.

The old path was still there, but it was getting a little overgrown. It was cleared a long time ago, and no one ever used it anymore.

"What's that?" she said to herself, seeing a little hole at the edge of the path. She bent over to look at it properly. "Oh! It's a rabbit hole!" I wonder if a rabbit lives there? she thought. Then she turned around.

There was that big old tree she'd found last summer! It must be hundreds and hundreds of years old,  she thought. So many things must have happened in those years, and this tree was standing, all through them... I had better get back to exploring the wood, or it will get dark and I'll have to go home. She sighed, and went on.

Oh, look! she thought. More rabbit holes! The hill must be filled with them!

There were lots of little holes all through the side of the hill!

She went on into the wood, and found herself in a huge clearing, full of little rabbit holes! At first she wanted to look at them all, but then she decided not to disturb them.

She started to go a little farther, but then turned back. It's getting cold, she thought, and it that means it will be getting dark soon. The walk back through the woods seemed to take a lot longer than it had going into them. I must have gone on for miles!

Finally, she came back to the field. It was still light, and she had a little longer before she had to go back to the cabin. What should I do?  she wondered. I could sit and watch for animals... Oh! Suddenly something caught her eye a little way off. She ran over to it.

"Two daisies!" She smiled happily. Spring really was coming! I'll pick the one with purple all around it, she decided, bending down to get it. Then finally she thought of a good way to spend her last few minutes outside:

Sitting against a tree as the shadows grew long, daydreaming about summer adventures.:)

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