Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Anna's Birthday Presents

Hello! It is Anna.
My birthday was last week, and I am now 17 years. We did not do much, but everyone gave me lovely things, and they were very kind.
Today I went out of doors with the presents they gave me, and I sat on the pretty wall in the garden to look at them.

The card everyone made for me is so pretty! It is very special. Sarah wrote it, and then they all wrote their names.

It is all in pretty blue colors, and it says 'Happy Birthday Anna!' on the front, and it has many pretty flowers and little yellow and blue dots on it. It is lovely.

I got a pretty little tin, with a little bear on it, called Winnie the Pooh. It is very cute. There is also a small white bear I was given, and he has a blue flower on his front.

Molly gave me a flag! I cannot help to smile at it. It is very sweet.

I also have been given a big book about birds. It is very, very nice, and it has many pretty pictures is color! I spent a long time in reading it outside today.

I am sorry about the picnic blanket in the background. Nikki's brother decided to have his lunch on the grass behind me!
I am sorry also that we have not posted for a long time. Nikki's show did go very well though (but I did not see it). She says that she wishes it was for more nights! She should not be that busy again for 2 or 3 months now though.
I hope that you liked to see the special things everyone gave me for my birthday. Do you like the card? I think it is so pretty!
Goodbye, and happy almost-Easter!


  1. Happy Birthday Anna! :) And Happy Easter, too! I liked all the photos. :)

    1. Thank you very much Christian Homeschooler!
      - Anna :)