Sunday, 20 April 2014

It's Easter!

Hello everybody! It's Cindy!:) I'm so excited! It's Easter!!

This morning, I work up early, and I was about to go back to sleep, when I realized it was Easter!:) I jumped out of bed and ran to the window to see if the weather was good for an Easter egg hunt.

But it had rained, and everything was wet, and there were huge, gray clouds over the sky. Oh, no! I thought. Now we're not going to be able to have an egg hunt! I couldn't think of anything I could do to that, so I ran to wake Kirsten up and tell her.

"Kirsten! Kirsten!" I whispered, shaking her. "Wake up!"

"Hmm?" she said. "Oh... Cindy. What is it?"
"It's Easter!... But It's all wet outside, and we won't be able to have an Easter egg hunt."
"Oh, no. Let me see."

Kirsten got up and I took her to the window.
"Wow!" she said. "It really is wet!"

"I know," I sighed, sitting on the bed. "I was really looking forward to that egg hunt."

Kirsten came and sat down next to me.
"Don't worry," she said. "I have an idea!"
"What is it?" "Well, why don't we have an egg hunt inside? I did that once before."
"That's a good idea! I want to go wake up Molly and Kit!"
But just as I jumped off the, bed, Kirsten grabbed my arm.
"Not yet," she laughed. "It is too early... And besides, we're only having the egg hunt after church."
"But that's ages!"
"Well, you are the one who got us so early!" Kirsten smiled. "Come on; let's choose our dresses!"

I'm really glad we're going to have an egg hunt anyway, and it sounds really cool to have it inside! I've never done it before, but Nikki has. I hope you have a really good day, and Happy Easter from all of us!:)


  1. Happy Easter! My dolls had an Easter egg hunt a day late, but it was fun anyway :) Also, I nominated you for the MagNioBio award(don't really know what it is :P ). You can read my post, here: