Sunday, 6 April 2014

Some Cute Pictures:)

Hi, it's Nikki here.:) I'm really sorry I haven't posted in so long, and I feel like I'm always saying this, but this time I'm much busier than I have been before. I have a show with my drama group on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and I have a lead role on at least one of those nights, and I've been very busy practicing for everything, and there's also a bunch of other problems to do with the show that I've been thinking about a lot. I'm really sorry.
Yesterday I tried to do a photostory, but I couldn't think of anything interesting, and it's really dark and rainy here, so the lighting's bad and I can't do anything outside.:P I would try again, but I'm really preoccupied with the show and stuff right now, and I don't think I'd be able to write anything good at all. I have got a bunch of cute pictures I've taken that haven't been on here, though, and I thought I could post them.:)

 Here's Cindy playing solitaire last week.:) She looks so cute in blue!:)

I took this angle for the cards, not Cindy, but I think she looks cute here anyway, for some reason.

And Elyssa doing a puzzle!:)

This one's from a month or two ago, but I think it's pretty.:) I like Julie's toes, and I think I didn't mean them to turn like that.

The lighting is really nice here, and I just like it for the pose, too, but I don't know what's unusual about it. Maybe it's just the lighting.:P

I put Julie up on the bed, and turned her head to Nicki, and then I realized it looked like she was visiting her 'cause she was sick, and it looked so cute!:)

I know the angle's a little funny, but this is the best picture I ever took of Nellie, and I think the blue looks really nice on her!:)

This is a picture of Kirsten from the day I did the hairstyle pictures. She's never really worn this dress before, and it looks so pretty on her!

 I decided to stand her in the middle of the little ornaments on my window, and it looked a little like a fairy world.:)

I'd just found out that my bed made a pretty background for her (at least I think it does, somehow:P). This picture has a sort of pink glow from the walls.:)

I also found out that day that Lindsay looks adorable in pigtails!:)

 This and the next two were going to be part of a photostory but poor Nellie got a slug in her hair (she's okay though;)) and I couldn't get some of the pictures right.:P

 I really like pictures with bright and happy sunlight. It makes them look really cheerful!:)

Here's another one.:) I think this was just before the slug.:P I sat Nellie against the tree while I posed Nicki, and then I posed her and they both fell, and when I picked Nellie up there was a disgusting little slug in her hair!:( But Nellie wasn't the only one to get a horrible creature on her that day: I got bitten by a nasty little tick.:P (It didn't get any blood though.;))

This is a pretty picture that I took at the end of the photostory where Kirsten found a rabbit warren.:) Because the photostory was set back in time, I was trying not to show the tar road, but I really wanted to take this picture so I got it as a sort of spare.:)

That's all the good pictures, I think.:) I hope you liked them, and I'm sorry again for not posting.:)


  1. Your dolls sure look like they're having fun in their cute pictures! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here's the post on my blog: Congrats!

  2. Thank you so much!!:)
    I just checked out your blog, BTW, and it's really cute!:)