Monday, 11 November 2013

Stylish Dresses! :)

Hiya! Julie here! :)
Today, my friend Nicki and I had some fun dressing up, and Nikki (our owner - I know, it's very confusing with Nicki and Nikki) took some groovy pictures! :)

Here's me! :) I picked out my clothes sorta mix-'n'-match. Some of them belong to Melody. ;) How d'ya like my outfit? I think it's cool! :) Do you like it better with or without the jacket?

Nikki also thought up a really groovy hairstyle for me (with a little inspiration from another blog).  Here's a closer picture so you can see how great I looked! :)

I also gave you an extra close one so you can see the little braids. :)
It's a great hairstyle if you're a Julie doll whose owner's too scared to take your braid out. Although I did live with someone else before Nikki, they never took mine out either. :) All you have to do is make a little braid on both sides of the doll's face (or just one if you're doing it for a Julie), then part the rest of the hair at the back, and braid it normally, with the little braids in it. :) Don't worry if the back looks a little messy. This is how mine looked!

And  it actually looked messier than the photo. :) Well, enough about me. Nicki's gonna pull my hair if I don't spotlight her now! :)

Sorry if it's a little blurry. Isn't Nicki just beautiful? I think she looks like a fairy princess! :) She asked me to say her hair looks straggly in the picture because it had just been curls with wet hands, but I think she looks fine anyway! :)

Check out her hair! I know I said mine was nice but hers is ten times prettier!. :) Wow, I love those curls! My hair's so straight it's like microscopic planks, lol! :) That ribbon really worked. :)

This is the little braid on one side of Nicki's head. If you want to use this style, just make a little braid on either side (like my hairstyle), then pull them back and tie them together behind the head. You can adjust them afterwards so they're the right height and stuff. I think this would look great on a lot of dolls with curls. We would've tried it on Nicki sooner but Nikki was too scared to braid her hair. :)

For a finishing touch, here's a pretty picture of us together. I think this is my favorite. :) ... Wait a minute! I Nicki taller than me?! Sorry! I gotta go. I need to find Nikki's measuring tape!


  1. OMG

    These dresses are just pretty , I am glad they were made from the finest of a seamstress/mother for the prettiest girls!

  2. Thanks, but I didn't make them! :) I helped make Kirsten's Nightgown in the Sleepover photostory, but I got these on Ebay. The woman who made them has stopped now. :( I really loved the clothes she made!