Thursday, 14 November 2013

Kirsten and Molly's Sleepover

Hello! I'm Nikki (the dolls' owner, not the doll :)). Last night, Kirsten invited Molly to come round for a sleepover, and I took some pictures! :) He's the story:

Kirsten was anxiously pacing up and down at the door, waiting for molly to arrive.
"Where is she?" she said to herself. "She said she's be here less twenty minutes from now!"
A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and Kirsten ran to open it.

"Molly!" she cried. "You're only fifteen minutes early! What happened?"
"Hello!" Molly smiled. "I'm sorry. It's freezing cold out there, and it rained all morning, so it's very muddy."
"That's okay! Come on in and take off your sweater."

"Thanks," said Molly, as Kirsten closed the door.
"I like your outfit," said Kirsten.
"Thanks. Yours is pretty too."
"Thank you!" Kirsten said, blushing a little. "Give me your sweater to hang up." Molly handed her the sweater.

"What've you been doing today?" asked Molly.
"Oh, not much. How about you?"
"Same," Molly smiled. "What should we do?"

"You wanna go outside?"
"But it's dark!"
"It's fun to go out in the dark sometimes!" Kirsten laughed.

"Open the curtain," said Molly. "It's also freezing out there, and if you take a look you won't wanna go out anymore!"
Kirsten pulled back the curtain and they looked outside.

It was a cold, dark night.
"You're right!" said Kirsten. "It does look cold! Alright. How about we play some games?"
"Like what?"

"Come on, I'll show you. I'm sure I've got something in this drawer!"
"Okay. What's in there?"
"Just some junk and things... Ah! Here it is!"

"These cards and pick-up-sticks!"
"I love pick-up-sticks!"
"Great! I do too!"
"Can we pay snap with the cards?"
"Sure! Which first?"

They went to the table and sat down, and Kirsten opened the cards.
"You wanna deal?" she asked.
"You can. I'm too slow.

"Alright." Kirsten divided the cards evenly between them. "You start," she said.

Molly picked the top card off her pile.

"Ooohh! Nine!" said Kirsten.

She put down her card. It was also a nine!

"Snap!" they both yelled as fast as they could. They laughed.
"I think you won that, Molly," said Kirsten.
"Okay, thanks!" Molly took the two cards, and they each put down another one.

Soon they were tired of playing snap.
"Should we play pick-up-sticks?" asked Kirsten.
They packed away the cards, and Kirsten took to rubber band off the pick-up-sticks.

She let them fall into a pile on the table.
"You go first," she smiled.

Molly took a stick from the pile, careful not to move any of the others. Her second one knocked the pile, though, so it was Kirsten's turn.

She took quite a few before moving any others.

When Molly picked up the last one a while later, they counted their sticks.
"I have nineteen," said Kirsten.
"I have fifteen. You win!"
"Fair enough, since I won most of the snap games," Molly laughed. "What should we do now?"
"Well, we could - oh, no! It's getting late!" Kirsten said, looking at the clock. "We'd better get ready for bed or my mom'll come and make us!"
Molly sighed.
"Alright," she said.

"My bed's big," said Kirsten, "so we can both fit in it."
"We'd better get changed."

"Alright," said Molly. "Wait a minute! Oh, no! I forgot my nightgown!"
"You did?"
"Yes! I left my bag back at my place!"
"Okay. Don't worry. You can borrow one of mine!"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course! I'll just go get one."
"Oh, thanks!" Molly, sighed, relieved.
Kirsten ran to her closet.

She came back in a minute with a pretty nightgown over her arm.
"Is this okay?" she asked. "It's a little summery, but I've been wearing my warmer one."
"That's fine! I just don't wanna sleep in my clothes!" The girls laughed.
"Here, then." Kirsten handed Molly the nightgown.

They started taking off their day-clothes, and Molly got a little tangled up.
"Molly," Kirsten giggled, "you look funny!"
"I... can't... get... this dress... off!" Molly mumbled from under the dress.
"I'll help!" said Kirsten, pulling the dress over Molly's head.
"Thanks!" The girls took off the rest of their things and put n their nightgowns. "Can you button the back for me, Kirsten?" asked Molly.

"Sure, if you can do mine!"
"Of course I will!"
"Good then," said Kirsten, doing the button on Molly's nightgown.

When she was done, they turned around and Molly did hers.

"Thanks," said Kirsten, pulling the blanket aside. "Do you want my ragdoll, Rebecca?"
"We can share!"
"Okay. I'll leave her in the middle then, so she can be between us... Which side of the bed so you want?"
"I don't mind."
"Well, I'll take the wall-side, so if you need to get up you won't have to wake me up first."

Kirsten climbed into bed.
"You get up now," she said, wriggling to the far side.

Molly came up after her, and they pulled the blanket up.

"Molly?" said Kirsten.

Molly yawned.
"Goodnight, Kirsten," she smiled.

They lay back, and, after their long day, fell straight asleep, and didn't even stir when Mrs. Larson came in and turned out the light.

And then the room was dark...

BEHIND THE SCENES NOTES: If I ever thought that making a photostory was easy, I don't now! For the picture where Molly remembers her nightgown, I had to climb under my bed! Then, Molly fell into Kirsten, so I had to get out and pose them again, and then I didn't like how she looked, so I tried to pose her from under the bed, and she fell again! I went under the bed for the 3rd time, and, bumping my head and then lying flat (chin included) on the floor, realized I couldn't take the picture at a good angle from under the bed, because it was too low, but out of the bed was too close! That's why it's such a funny angle. Also, the truth is, she was meant to have a nightgown, but I forgot her backpack in the first photos, and my camera was running low, using the last batteries in the house, so I couldn't take unnecessary pictures. Instead, I decided to have her forget it and borrow one of Kirsten's, lol! :)  



  1. LOLOL! That was soooo cute! Yeah, photostories are difficult!

  2. Thank you! :) They sure are! I thought the picnic one was trouble, but climbing under my bed fot this... :)

  3. Oh, by the way, I got the idea for my header from your old blog. I hope you don't mind. :) If you do, I'll change it, but I figured it's an unused blog, and I'm not really copying, just using an idea I liked. :) Thanks for giving me the idea, either way! :)