Monday, 11 November 2013

We Have Met Sarah!

Hello! I am Anna. Please excuse me if my English word are not right. :) I am Swedish, and I have be lived in England only for not yet a year. I am a lot of years more than the other dolls, but this Christmas, another doll who is almost my years will come to live with us. Her name is Sarah. I am very happy, because she is very nice. She is stay with her aunt for a time before she moves in, and we met her a few days before now. :) She is much fun, and very much pretty! We posed for photographs with each other when she was here. :)

This is us together. It is not the most nice one though.

Here is a closer one. We prefer it. :)

Nikki begged me to put this photograph on here. It is her favorite, and she says I look like an angel. I am blushing now. :)

Close-ups, Nikki says that these are called. :) I think Sarah is very lovely. What do you think about her? And try to guess what color her eyes are. :) Even we did not know for a time!


  1. She is lovely! Are her eyes gray?

  2. I agree with you! :) Well, they are sort of. I guess they are a kind of purple and gray with a little tiny bit of some green, too, I think. Some of times they look hazel, but others they look gray. :)
    And thank you very so much for commenting! This is the first anyone has done so! :)

    - Anna. :)