Monday, 16 December 2013

A Crazy-Long Collection of Pictures! :)

Hiya guys! :) This is Nicki, and today, I had more pictures taken of me than ever before! There were like almost 300 of them in all, but tons were blurry, so now there's only about a hundred. Still, that's a lot! :) Some of them are the same picture at a different angle, or with different lighting and stuff, and five have Nikki's brother in them, so not all of them are going to be put on here, but 1/2 to 3/4 or them will be. :) If you get bored, you can stop halfway, but I like the pictures, so I wanna put all the good ones on. :)

Here's me under the big Christmas tree with the lights on, but there's no decorations yet. We also took some before with no extra lighting but they're a bit dark, and this one's similar to them, anyway. :)

Here I am sitting under the tree. If my hair looks messy, it's because I fell backwards into the tree when we were taking the standing photos, and my hair got all caught in the branches and needles. Nikki was really annoyed at that, because she's just made my hair really nice, and then I got it all frizzy-looking. :)

 Nikki loves this one on the left, because it somehow blurred across  everything except my face! :) The one on the right is more or less what it was meant to be. :)

Yeah, I know this is similar, but the lights make it so pretty (not that I'm trying to compliment myself), I had to include it! :)

I know it's of my back, but I think I was walking to the window in this one. :)

 Here I am looking out the window. I wish I could've gone outside, but I was freezing and pouring with rain. :(

 Another one of me by the tree! :)

 I don't really know why Nikki took this, but it's me on the couch, anyway. ;)

Same spot, but I'm sitting this time. :)

 Now THIS is funny - me walking on the back of the couch! :) Lucky I'm light, or Nikki's mom would be say I was breaking it! :)

 This didn't turn out the way it was meant to. There was a lot more light really (well, same goes for most of these, but in this one it made more of a difference), and you can't really see me right. Lol, I look like Nellie! :)

 A close-up of me behind the lace curtain. I don't know why we even carried on taking these, though, because we knew they weren't working. :P

 Here I am in Nikki's bedroom! Anyone wanna guess what I'm standing on? :) .......... It' Nicki's headboard, lol! :)

I don't know why I'm putting this on, but I like it. :)

Here's me in front of Nikki's window! Even though it's wet outside, it still makes a pretty background. :)

 This me in front of the window of "The Room". We call it that because it's a cross between playroom, computer room, music room, and who-knows-what-other-kind-of-room!

 Here's a closer one! :)

 And here's ANOTHER one! :) This one came out skew, lol. :P I know there's tons of these, but the windows really do make a lovely background! :) (Thanks Marcia! ;))

And another one... :)

Here's another skew one! :)

Hmm... The curtain makes an interesting photography prop. :)

Boo! :) Here's one of me half-behind the curtain! :) Whoops! I nearly made a four-eyed smiley!

 Back in Nicki's room! :) (Or was this really taken before the others and the camera just messed them up?) There's a sink in the room, and it's pink and we thought it matched my outfit! :) It's strange that the walls, floor, and sink of Nikki's room should be pink, when she's generally a tomboy, and her favorite color is sky blue. The closet door is an ugly grey-blue, too, and it doesn't match. :P

 Here's me in front of the mirror! :)

And here's OUR Christmas tree! :) It's in Nikki's room right now, but we're probably putting it up in "The Room" later today. :) We couldn't find on of the legs, so we have to put it in a huge jar filled with marbles. At least it's pretty. :)

 I'm not looking at the camera in this one. I guess I must've been daydreaming! :)

 And here's me sitting in a rocking chair next the the tree. :) It's a big tree, huh? We're so lucky to have it! :)

I climbed onto the chair because I wanted to see if I could reach the top to decorate it and maybe put the star on. :) (Or do we have a star?) I couldn't, though. If the picture's blurry, that's because the chair wouldn't hold still. :)

Then I turned around to take a proper picture! :)

 Here's a closer shot. I was leaning more on my hands than my feet in this one! :)

 Nikki took this one 'cause she thought her pink sheet and everything around me went well with my clothes, but the sheet didn't show up pink. (Wait a minute. I just noticed it's purple! Well, it must've shown up pink on the camera screen, and she didn't think that it may have been showing the colors wrong. :)

After standing on the seat of the chair didn't work, I had an idea! :) I climbed onto the arms! In this picture, I was very pleased with myself for being able to balance up there with no hands. :)

 And closer! :) I don't look too happy here, and that's because the chair stared wobbling.

 Up on the arms, I could almost reach the top! But not quite, so I guess maybe Anna will have to put the star (or whatever else we have) on top.

I also decided to have a little fun and be silly be standing on the things-that-make-the-rocking-chair-rock (whatever they're called), and holding onto the top of the back! :) I didn't do that for long, though, because the chair started tipping me off.

So I climbed on top again instead! :)

Now I'm sitting under the tree. :) Do you like the marble-jar? ;)

 And another one! :) You can see the pretty marbles better in this one. :)

And one last one by the tree. :) There were more, but blogger keeps going weird, so I'm trying to make the post a little shorter. :)

Then, I pulled out Nikki's drawers and climbed them! :)

At first, Nikki didn't want to get the tree in the way, but I really like these ones with the branches sticking into them! :)

Here I am in front of the back door. I think the green looked really nice with my shirt! :)

And me in front of the front door! :) The lacy stuff behind me gave a similar effect to the one we were trying to give in the ones with the lace curtain. :)

 This is me next to a lamp, but it's a bit dark.

This is a bit BRIGHT, but anyway, it's the same spot as the last one. :)

And here's one of me... just, sort of, standing. :P :) But it's one of the only ones that actually shows the colors right. :)

 And closer! :) This photo is really amazing, the way it shows the light so well! :)

 This was meant to look like I was climbing the tree, but it came out wrong, and it looks like I'm a yard away from it. :P

 Here I am IN the tree! :) Lol, my hair got stuck in the branches. I figured it was so messy already, though, it didn't really matter. :)

 This one looks cool, but I don't know exactly why. :)

And, Nikki thought the way my hair was caught up in the tree made it look really pretty, so she photographed that, too. :)

I don't actually know where we took this... Oh, wait, I think it was taken on the couch. :)

This is me resting on the couch. We weren't gonna take any more, but Nikki said this was a good picture. :P

She took a close-up, too. :)

I sat down by her window when she was about to put the photos on her computer, and she took a picture of that, too! :)

Well, that's about all of them (the good ones). :) I hope you liked them, and I'm sorry if there were too many. Hopefully, we'll be able to put our tree up in "The Room" tonight, and then there'll probably be another post then about that! :)

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