Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Putting up the Christmas Tree! :)

Hello, it's Nikki here, to tell another story with the photographs I've taken. :) Today, the dolls put up their Christmas tree. We're all sorry it was so late, but at least it's up. :)

This afternoon, Nicki was waiting in The Room for the others to arrive, while she arranged the tree's branches. I wonder how long they'll be, she thought. Just then, she head footsteps, and turned around.

It was Molly and Kit!
"Hi, Nicki!" they said.
"Hi, guys!" Suddenly Nicki noticed what kit had over her shoulders. "Kit," she asked, "why are you wearing tinsel?"
"I thought you might need some extra," Kit laughed.
"Ohh, okay. You wanna put on the lights?"
"Sure!" said Kit and Molly together.

Just as they were finishing with the lights, sprocket came bounding up to them.
"Hi, Sprocket!" said Molly.
"He's so cute!" said Kit, going to pet him.
"Sprocket's just reminded me," said Nicki, "Where's Benny, Molly?"
"Oh, Cait's looking after him today because Kit and I were shopping."
"I see," Nicki smiled.

  They were putting the tinsel on the tree, when Cait and Melody arrived with Benny. Shouts of "Hello!" flew for a few seconds, and then Benny was left to play with Sprocket while Melody offered to help with the golden beads. The tree got a little too crowded for Kit and molly, so they went to the window.

"We'll watch for anyone else coming," said Kit, while the others talked.
"I see Nellie and Sam!" shouted molly a few minutes after wards.

A minute later Samantha and Nellie walked in.
"Hi everyone!" said Samantha. "I think Kirsten's a little way behind us."
"Hello!" said Nicki. "Would you like to help decorate?"
"Of course!" said Nellie and Samantha together.

"Alright," said Melody. "Could you hand me some more balls?"
"Sure!" said Nellie, grabbing some from a drawer. "Here they are."

Kirsten arrived soon afterwards, carrying a cat.
"Hey, Kirsten," said Molly, "is the cat yours?"
"No, I'm just looking after him for Christmas." Kirsten put the cat down. "His name is Benson."
"Oh, that's such a cute name!" said multiple voices.
"I like your outfit," said Nicki.
"It's sort of... old-fashioned. I think it's cool."
Kirsten laughed. "It's the closest to "Christmassy" I could find!"
Nicki giggled back. "Come and help decorate!" she said.

"I'm out of balls again!" said melody a minute later.
"More balls, coming up!" said Kirsten, taking a huge handful.
In all the chaos Nicki was the only one to realize that Sprocket was growling at Benson, and ran over to stop him.
"There's Lindsay and Elyssa!" said Kit from the window.
"And I think that's Julie behind them!"
"That means we'll have everyone - except Anna," said Nicki. "I wonder where she is?"

Soon Lindsay and Elyssa came in, and the space around the tree got very crowded.
"Elyssa," Kirsten asked, after they'd said "hello", "what's that on your head?"
"It's a Santa hat."
"But it's blue!"
"I needed my outfit to be Christmassy!" Elyssa laughed.
"Isn't that from Nicki's pajamas?" asked Nellie.
"Yes, but she didn't want it, so she gave it to me."
"I didn't know you were going to wear it as part of an outfit!" Nicki laughed.
"Imagine being me and having to walk here with her!" said Lindsay.

Soon Julie arrived, and the tree was more crowded than ever, but nobody cared. They just loved decorating with their friends, and the tree was being decorated very very fast between all of them. Kit went to sit down and rest her feet.
"I'll come and take her place!" said Nellie. "I'm scared someone's going to knock over the tree if we don't make a little more space!"
Kirsten left to take Benson to another room where he wouldn't be growled at by Sprocket, and the other carried on decorating.

"I think we have enough of the balls on now," said Julie.
"Yay!" said Nicki. "Now we can start with the other ornaments!"

Pretty soon they had done everything, including putting up the little nativity scene, except for giving the tree a topper.
"We haven't got anything for a topper," said Lindsay. "What can we use instead?"

 "I don't know," said Nicki. "And even worse, Anna still isn't here, and we've done all the decorating."
"And she's the only one who can reach," said Kirsten.
"Do you think something's happened to her?" asked Molly.
"No," said Samantha, "nothing could've."
"Maybe she's just forgotten," said Nellie.
"Anna never forgets," said Elyssa.
Just then, there were footsteps in the hall. Nicki got up to see who it was.

"Anna!" she cried when she opened the door. "We've been waiting for you!"
"I am sorry I am late."
"That's okay. We were just worried for you. And I'm afraid we've done all the decorating."
"I do not mind. But I did bring you an angel for the top of the tree."
"You did?!" Kit yelled. "We were just wondering what we could use for the top!"
"I am glad that I am bring it, then," said Anna.
 "Us too!" said Kirsten.
"You can put it on," said Molly. "None of us can reach."

"Okay," said Anna, climbing onto the chair. She put the angel on the tree and smiled. "It looks so pretty!" she said.

In fact, it was so pretty, they even took a picture of it.
"Let's take our Christmas-card photos now!" said Cait.
"Yes, let's!" said Kit, turning on the lights.

We took lots of photos, but this one is the best. They're all together, with Sprocket, Benny, and even Benson! :)

My dolls and I hope you have a very happy Christmas, and we all can't wait for tomorrow! :)

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