Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Look What Nikki Made! :)

Hi! I'm Nellie. :) This afternoon, Nikki made a pretty shirt for us dolls, and although it's a little tight, I think it's lovely! We took some pictures of me in it, but they're a little blurry and yellowy, because it's dark, and Nikki's camera is really lousy, and flash makes the picture look odd, so we have to use no-flash, which comes out funny. (If you couldn't follow that, don't worry. I couldn't either. :))

I had to roll up the sleeves a little, because they're a bit long, but I think that makes it look kind of like a new fashion or something! :)

Here's me closer, but it looks like my hair ribbon was falling off. ;)

This is the shirt itself. It's also the picture with the most realistic color. :) I love the rose pattern! :)

 This is my hair. I stole Nikki's ribbon. :)

Well, that's about it? :) How do you like my new shirt? :)

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