Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas! :)

Hello, I'm Cindy! Today, I met Nikki and all the dolls that live with her. :) I like them very much, and I'm glad I'm going to stay with them all. They weren't expecting me, but they were very nice anyway, and Nikki's doing everything with me! :) I'm nine years old, and I love flowers, pretty colors, and dancing, especially ballet! :) Here's a picture of me this morning:

I am wearing my favorite hairstyle, even though Nikki's family keeps calling me "Princess Leia".
Another girl called Sarah came too, but the others say you've already seen a picture of her, so I won't post one.

We got lots of lovely presents today! :) Even me! I got a lovely pinkish-red Christmassy dress! (It's the one I'm wearing in the header.) :) Here are the other really amazing presents:

 Kirsten got a doll! :) She isn't sure what she's going to call her yet, but she thinks maybe "Gretchen" or "Olga". :)

And Molly also got a doll! :) She's probably going to call her "Patience". :)

The picture's blurry, but Elyssa got a Cecile doll! :) It was amazing having all these dolls on one Christmas! :) Elyssa wants to call her doll something like "Annette", but she doesn't quite like that, and she's trying to think of something similar that sounds better. I'm sure she'd be glad for suggestions! :) She also got a blue leotard, because she's starting gymnastics soon, but it broke. :( Nikki will fix it as soon as she can get the right kind of thread, though. :)

It's another blurry picture, but here's the last of the best presents. It's another doll! :) It's Nellie's, and she doesn't know what to call her yet. I'm sure she'd love suggestions, too. :) Nellie's lucky, because if it wasn't for Nikki's brother, she wouldn't have her doll.

We've had a lovely Christmas so far, and Lindsay's reading the Sherlock Holmes book Nikki got. ;) We (Nikki included :)) hope you have an amazing day too, and that you also have a wonderful year! :) It'd also be cool to know if you got any amazing presents. I hope you did! :)
Merry Christmas! :)
Cindy (and Nikki, Anna, Sarah, Cait, Melody, Samantha, Nellie, Elyssa, Lindsay, Nicki, Julie, Kit, Kirsten, and Molly ;))

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