Sunday, 8 December 2013

Actresses in Costume!

Hiya, Lindsay here! Me and Elyssa are (if Nikki can ever start the filming) gonna star in a stopmotion movie! I'm so excited! :) Elyssa's got the lead, but I don't mind. It probably suits her better than me. I'm sorry I can't say what it's about, but we're making it a surprise! :) We took some pictures of us in our costumes this afternoon, though, so you can try to guess if you like. The actual story is hard to guess, but I think the era its set in should be fairly easy. :)

Here's Elyssa in here costume! :) At first, we couldn't choose a hairstyle for her.

 Here's me. I love this dress! :)

And, of course, Nikki had to take a picture of my hair. I wish she wouldn't do that!

We put my hair in a bun. Actually, this is the first time, Nikki's made one, properly (not just playing around with nothing to hold it in place), although it took her a thousand tries to get it looking okay. In the end, it still looked funny, so I suggested we put a ribbon in. :)

Grrrr... Nikki, I know you like my hair, and I know you like taking pictures, but couldn't you slow down just a little?! There make me think of prison mugshots. :P

 Wow... She even took some of me looking goofy in the mirror... :P

Here's Elyssa's hairstyle. It makes her look so pretty! :)

Here's some bigger pictures. Even though it only shows half her face, I prefer the one on the right. :) ... Wait a minute. Is her hair sticking out? I can't tell. Well, if it is she's gonna be so embarrassed when she see this! I don't know why. She's pretty anyway. :)

I like this picture, I don't know why. Well, at least it gives a clearer view of my bun. :)

 Here's a picture of our reflections! :) Wow, I almost look like the - whoops, I was gonna give away our movie idea! Actually, I look like I'm coming up to Elyssa to ask her something. :)
Well, this post is a little long for a guess-what-the-movie's-about post, so I better end it here. :) I hope you like our movie (if we manage to film it - we may not be able to do it well enough)! :)


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    1. Well, I set everything up a few times, but every time I did, I ran out of time to film, or lost the sunlight, and I have a bad camera, so I need a lot of light to film anything.:P I'm still going to do the story, though.:) I'm just rewriting the script a bit, and then the dolls want to do it as a play.;)